Please let me keep loving evolve


I really like this game , I have stopped completing dyinglight ATM cos I’m hooked but damn I have an issue with the progression system.

4 abilities on each monster that everyone develope for there style of playing , so why I have to use them all to rank up ?
It defeats it purpose , I am stuck on 2 stars on 3 abilities cos I just don’t use one grrrrr

Why it is not how it should be and let the abilities that are used the most keep progressing up and not get puased cos one of them is not used.

It’s the only thing I have a problem with at this time and I really believe it not fare on any player.

Maybe it’s done like this (grinding) cos TR/2K are afraid about not enough content ?
And what us to grind ? But it does not make sense cos the game is awsome as it is and personally I have a lot of fun playing it but this leveling up is pushing me away .



Why worry about it?


Tell me why not ?

Why do you give me 9 points to use in 12 slots ?

Is it not to point me in a style of mine of playing ?

So why then hinder me after I found a style that works for me ?

It defeats it’s purpose!
And forces me to change my style again just to level up my skill …it’s not worrying some things don’t make sense!


Wait is this for in game abilities or masteries?


It’s for abilities mastering where you get to level them up .

Like the stars on the charge , rock throw and so on


Because a 10% bonus is better than a 2% or 5% bonus.


Exactly !

And it’s unfair to get stuck at 5% on ur most used abilities that defines your style of playing


If its for masteries than why did you say this?


What you mean ?

It’s about the monster abilities I’m talking about here , which gives you more % on your abilities but to rank it up you have to rank up all of them which is forcing you to use an ability that is not ur style


Masteries dont use slots. They progress as you use the abilities like rock throw. And you can get 12 stars total not 9.


What he is trying to say is why did TRS give him 9 points to spend on 4 abilities if not for the player to choose his play style. Then, in this same light of choosing how you play, how can they ask him to then have to choose a skill he doesn’t like in order to further master his other skills he does like.


You’re not understanding mate

You get 4 abilities right , with 3 slots on each one

You get in total 9 points throughout your evolution .l so if you want to max them out you have to use 3 or spread ur points ( which is fine)

But then in progression you get to master ur ability which gives you bonuses ( 3% - 5% - and I believe 11% )

Now to achive that percentage you need to level up all 4 abilities which are marked with stars.

So if I have found my style of playing with only using 3 abilities I can’t rank up the bonus % cos I have to swap my abilities to be able to do that.

Which is basically telling you to change ur style.

Hope u understand now if I wasn’t that clear sry


Thank you :slight_smile:


I would adjust to “Favors Monster” in the Solo Custom options settings, and grind out your least favorite ability there. It really doesn’t take that long, and it’s called a “Mastery” for a reason.


Because it enslaves you to a certain playstyle.

Sorry… I so couldn’t resist! :stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe to experiment with multiple play styles? The more diverse you are, the more adaptable, the better you survive. The opposite is if you specialize you breed in weakness and go extinct.


50 Shades of Rock Throw. :laughing:


i agree with you fully on this. i actually play single player just to level the damn spells. its really silly =/.

In addition, in the spirit of the topic, i really feel there NEEDS to be major changes to this game to keep it alive. Everyone who reviews this game complain about the lack of content. This is a major problem.

There are SO many simple fixes to it. Just give monsters 8 spells and 9 points to choose and that would CHANGE EVERYTHING. Balance will be a problem BUT it would justify the MONSTERS PRICE POINT and the dynamics of every game. Grant every hunter 2 different set of skills and allow them to pick before battle. So you get the variety and content this game sorely needs

Every game would feel extremely different and you will still be able to balance it over time with the care that you already are showing


Yes I understand but why force it then


Okay, I go back to my suggestion/question then. Why worry about it? Those percentages do not offset bad play. And in higher play such as tournaments masteries are turned off. There really is no need to level those masteries up. If it weighing on that much that it makes you feel negative just add up the points you get playing how you want then add 5% to see. Wow that really wouldnt have done anything.