Please less similar mechanics/guns.The game needs more creativity


We have so many assaults and all of them are played the same way.Lennox ,hyde,markov and blitz are the same gameplay wise.You have a wide cone close range gun and a lower dps or inaccurate long range secondary.Out of all assaults,everyone except lennox has a grenade or mine.And thats it.Torvald is a bit different since he needs more skill but thats it

Renegabe now ,a “new” character,has yet another shotgun.And no utility or gameplay diversity.You shoot poison 1 ,then poison 2 and then you might as well be playing parnell(which btw manages to be boring with a rocket launcher)

Things you could have done or do in the future

Machine gun
Space Chainsaw
Character without/w different jetpack
Whip/throwing Spear laser thing
Futuristic blade
Saw blade launcher
Heavy pistol or a revolver
Projectile that has to be shot in the air to explode
A dual form/function hunter
Compound bow/crossbow with explosive bolts
Timed or sticky bombs
Hard to aim but high dmg cannon
Hunter with more than 3 abilities
Spike gun


This is not a whine thread.I am just saying its a pity to have such a wonderful concept and setting and not take advantage of it to increase game replayability or cater to more playstyles.Im sure the people here would be happy to suggest ideas for adaptations or hunters


This won’t work for consoles. All buttons are currently used for Hunters.


Fair enough then,totally reasonable


Space Chainsaw or Spear ftw!


You wanna foot the bill for development? That’s a big problem for TRS right now. They really only have the things they have with no room in the budget for new hotness. I agree more would be nice but it will cost money/time.


I mean, to be fair, Renegabe is a variation, not a new character. He’s not gonna have any truly new tools, just different takes on old stuff. But if you compare T5 - EMET, Kala, Lennox, Jack - to everyone else, you can see that the new characters were definitely different from anything that came before. Once they make fully new character, I’m sure they’ll feel unique as well.


We need a full meele hunter.

I mean sword and shield/greatsword and shit.


Whilst Renegabe is a variation he’s arguably the most unique since, well, he’s an assault. Unlike someone like Blitkov there is no other hunter (in that class) which has a similar kit to him.


I think they should keep the absolute base mechanic the same, and that’s jetpack. Jetpack should never change, it’s literally the foundation of all play and personally I think it should remain constant.


Getting a little salted about this one and some of the suggestions because we already have them and I fail to see how they offer the creative wealth that we apparently dont have right now.

Machine Gun? Assault Rifle, Minigun, AA Gun.
Futuristic blade? Lennox uses a Plasma Lance
Revolver? Jack has akimbo revolvers?
Spike gun? You’re not gonna get much better than a Harpoon.
Hard to aim and high damage? Hank’s Orbital?

Others, like a dual function Hunter or a projectile that needs to be shot, make it needlessly difficult for one side. Only ideas I really like are the times or sticky bombs and the Throwing Spear. That sounds pretty fun. The explosive crossbow, sadly, feels a little out of place since we have something like that with Sunny’s Mini-Nuke Launcher.

@Scudman Lennox is your melee Assault. An assault that relies solely on melee would be useless against Kraken and Wraith, while offering nothing on the chase. They hit melee hunter on the head with Lennox.


I personally wanted to see more “Hunting” inspired items rather than Deathmatch weapons.

I was hoping for stuff like:

-Bait for the Monster (like you drop a HUGE Meat to attract the monster and you can all lie in wait for him). so it looks like a giant dead Megamouth or something… and the Monster Player might think: “Oh I missed that! Lunchtime!” Then you all spring the ambush!
-Sensors in the form of long laser trip wires rather than the simple sonar antenna things.
-Persistent Area Denial (rolling out energy-based barbed wire or something).
-Wildlife destruction (to deny food)
-Wildlife poisoning
-Starting a forest fire
-Leaving actual persistent traps around the map
-An “Elephant Gun” (You’d think in a world with giant monsters a Hunter would have something like this by now… a gun with really long reload and ADS times but is meant to pound the Monster super hard).
-One of the Hunters should be able to use “Stink”… over an area… so that Hunters can hide in it for ambushes.

-Larger Vehicle-based Maps



Slim’s grenades? The Monster would also definitely know about an ambush tool long before Hunters could make use of it.

No offense but I don’t feel like everyone is thinking these through; rather, they’re just spouting out admittedly cool ideas that would never work in game.


My ideas are superior! Bow before my imagination!


I think something a bit more normal would work better as bait.

As a monster, I would definitely notice if there was a Megamouth out of place. But if, instead, it was something like a Canyon Strider or Mammoth Bird corpse, then I might actually fall for it. It has to be very convincing because the monster knows all the hunters’ abilities.

And maybe, if he eats it, it temporarily disables his traversals or smell or something? Make a nice bait and trap. :slight_smile:

Isn’t that basically the cloak, though? Which they removed from the game because it was “toxic.”


I for one would love another basilisk soldier (maybe beetle themed) who has a power suit that looks similar to an ork mech suit that nobs wear. Maybe his primary could be a grappling claw that does decent damage on hit, lets him hook to environment and monster while applying a armor weakspot like val’s. His secondary would be a big tripple rotating big bore hand canon that is acurate at close range and has a high semi auto rate of fire with so so reload speed. The terrtiary could be a speed reload adding in explosive rounds or special acid rounds that gain better accuracy allowing ok dmg vs flying/smaller targets.

I shall call him Gronx


Assault is doomed to be a Michael Bay class. Each new addition is just a bigger effect, but ultimately, each one is the same. You’ll notice how most comps end in “and any Assault”.

The issue is; Assaults need DPS. Slow strong weapons just wouldn’t work as an Assaults primary. Assaults need to get close for balance. As much as I love the concept, I’d hate an Assault with the likes of a powerful, bolt-action sniper rifle. Could stop Monster feeding and do chip damage reliably 100m away.


This is awesome.Trs should add these suggestions to their consideration list if there is such a thing.Under mine ofc since they are clearly superior :wink:


I’m talking about a 60 second cooldown large radius “colorless/odorless” camouflaging thing that lasts 10 seconds.

The idea is you drop the meat…and you have tripwires… none of which cause suspicion… as the monster arrives… one of you uses the camouflage to hide (hopefully before the Monster Player has used his “ping” ability).

Then you all spring the trap.

It’s supposed to be a hunt.

The deadliest Hunters would be the ones that know the Feeding routes so rather than chase the monster on a circuit… and even at the risk of clock time/ Evolve Stage time… you lay a trap instead and wait in the bushes and things.

The tripwires would also be great for snares and other large scale traps… I think there could be something to traps that require 2 Hunters to hold down the action button or something? And when laid out they are large traps that are totally undetectable (at the risk that two of you could be spotted building stuff like in a Starcraft game for a good 20 seconds).

But yeah I definitely would like tripwire style traps or detection rather than just antenna beacon style detectors. It could be a deployable you place on a wall/cliffside that fires an infinite beam… really thin… and a Monster player can “smell” it? so that it can hover, jump, or crawl under the thin invisible laser…

And if you trip it… you’re not informed… but the Hunters are. if you destroy the deployable… you trigger some kind of alarm that you are aware of and makes the Hunters aware you were there.


Like this:


It’s called brainstorming. We can sort what sticks later. :stuck_out_tongue: