Please Keep the Tier 4 Characters the Way They ARE


IT’s perfect for pugs, there’s FINALLY a group people with no mics actually have a chance at benefiting the team with. You guys seems adamant on not letting people with mics que up with some sort of matchmaking for us, so at give us this so monster players don’t have the safety and security that they can go pug stomping the moment they hit that matchmaking button. I’m not saying other characters aren’t as useful, it’s just these guys aren’t as dependent as the other tiers. And in a game where probably 90% of all games played will be with randoms and no micers, having some relatively independent hunters is a nice addition.


Except nerf vals tranq and buff the hp of markovs mines then i’m happy.


We need to see the telemetry before these absolute declarations are made.

What you’re saying is that it’s fair that there’s a Monster roflstomping squad for pubs.

I beg to disagree.


Ah ya? Everyone single good monster is roflstomping pugs, the reason there’s no outcry is because only a dedicated few EVER participate in a games forum. Pugs favor good monsters and I’m confident that’s not an intentional addition to the game it’s just logic. One competent player who relies on himself, vs 4 players with only 1-2 being competent, the monster will win.


That doesn’t seem to account for the drop-in games I’ve had where I managed to get everybody on the same page and turn their fate around.

This game can be a see-saw, and by your logic, S3 Monster = Auto-Win.

Still doesn’t change the fact that we need to see the numbers, and that these characters are only just now being tested on a massive scale, and that changes, no doubt, will be applied.


I actually prefer to go up against the new team when I get picked as monster. Much easier to win against than other comps.


I haven’t been able to put any time in to really suss them out yet, but my few experiences were unpleasant. :laughing:


VERY few games have I played where if a mosnter stages up succesfully we 75% or more health do the pugs I play with ever win. Hell I’ve rarely lost or died playing as the monster. It’s not challenging enough (not that I’m boasting). Once I elite all my monsters, I’m solely going to stick to hunter play, winning feels much more rewarding. There will be those crazy one of a kind games where you miraculously turn it around, but hell, that’s why they are one of kind.


And also one of the aspects that makes this game unique.


No they aren’t - This just in : Most people don’t even want to play monster anymore because the Hunters just get keeping getting stronger and monsters get nerfed.


Agreed, I’m just worried the telemetry will be tipped in favor of the complainers because people are still adjusting. Not alot of monster players (including me) are accustomed those insane bursts of damage that happen every so often.


I hope that’s true.


On this point, you and I are in complete agreement.

I do not want this game dialed down to the LCD.


When did I say it’s fair for the monster to roflstomp? The existence of this thread is because Tier 4 truly is the most reliable for pugs to have a good shot against good monster players.


You hope it’s the game is so unbalanced it makes people don’t want to play it? /facepalm.


Huh? Elaborate please.


Uhh, you replied to me first.

“I hope that’s true”.


It may give the PUGs a chance, but what about those teams that are of 4 friends and they’ll pick the new hunters? If T4 is indeed that good, then they’ll just roflstomp the monster… If anything i would agree with the thread’s title because it’s been like 2 days of playtime. But not so PUGs can stand a chance against a good monster.


Weren’t you saying hunters will keep getting stronger? That’s good right?


You’ll just have to play better against the hunters. That was my first experience of the T4 hunters. Moment we could, I played behemoth first time ever they played T4 first time ever. All in all, I had 2 wins, 1 loss, and my first ever draw. That didn’t throw me off that they were op, just that I needed to change my tactics.