Please keep the nerfs incoming


I really am starting to like nerfs. So I heard cabot is going to get nerfed and I wonder why if his rail cannon just got nerfed in 30% damage.

I’m kidding about loving nerfs, but in all seriousness I thought when there was a nerf a balance would come along with that nerf and balance things out. The wraith got nerfed a bit heavily this time, but damage was increased by 10%. This doesn’t seem like a proper balance since the wraith has LOW health and armor. If the developers keep listening you know the other side of the community is going to give criticism also? I hope this game doesn’t turns out like battlefield 3 with all the nerfs on almost every thing they’ve released.

I believe every hunter and monster is well balanced at this time, exclude the incoming hunters and behemoth. I have used hunters and monsters and everything is beatable by my experience at hand. This game requires strategy for both sides and teamwork on the hunters, but if any of these critical concepts are missing then you will do poor and will get frustrated.

In all seriousness I love the game, but I just can’t stay silent while knowing that this game is receiving nerfs that aren’t well deserved.


Cabot did as much if not more damage than Assault in many games, and even if he didn’t his damage was ludicrously high compared to other Supports; another Mini-Assaulton the team at worst, something BETTER than Assault at best.

He needed to be toned down. I don’t think both Dmg and Reload Speed should have been hit from the get-go, but knowing that Devs think he might even need MORE nerfing to the rail cannon (They are waiting to see how this plays out) leaves me wondering just how much damage did they expect/want him to do if they are STILL thinking of nerfs after this one?

As for Wraith, her biggest issue was Mobility. 20+ minute goose chases are not fun. The Wraith that DOES NOT want to be domed was not domed 90% of the time, and even when she was, her dome-dancing abilities to wait it out were so far out there compared to the others, her “Effective Health” (That is, HP+Armor+Mitigated Damage over the course of a match) was far greater than that of Goliath!

Supernova lasted FAR too long for that kind of damage output, moreso when combined with the Fire-and-Forget Decoy. 50% may have been a bit harsh, but I’m far more willing to test out this than dialing her back 5-10% at a time going “Nope… Still too high… Still too high… Well sh*t guess another nerf is needed…”

Bottom line for me is that TRS has already demonstrated extreme balancing talent thus far; why don’t we wait and see the telemetry before we start accusing them of taking something too far/not far enough, eh? :smiley:


I agree in most parts to your reply I really do.

Cabot did needed that nerf since he is a support just like how you said, and I think he’s perfectly fine right now. I just heard that they were going to nerf him again but I wonder on what.

Now the wraith’s mobility, I agree with you all the way on this. That was my issue also and at that point I started avoiding wraiths.

The supernova duration decrease was a lot actually, I would’ve at least said 20% because it’s her main damage dealer.

I forgot some of the patches so I can’t give the specific ones that were unnecessary. I did noticed markov’s mines being nerfed, but I forgot the percentage. Isn’t it the job of assault to do the most damage? I really didn’t get that nerf specifically.


watch the gameplay of the last esl tournament , watch insane´s wraight and how he destroyed everything , game isnt balanced around pubs, in tournaments ( and skilled premades for that matter) all you see is caira cabot maggie markov ( all got a nerf in the patch) you never saw hyde, val or bucket ( which got all a buff) so hopefully we will have more diversity now and not the same 4 hunters over and over again


Umm… that’s tournaments wise, in overall every character right now is balanced. In tournaments you see people using caira, markov, maggie, and cabot the most because those are the most useful hunters. Hyde sucks by the way but this is my opinion which explains why he isn’t used in tournaments. If you think why don’t people use any other hunters in tournaments it’s most likely that some hunters are better than others and if this bothers you then I’m sorry, because some hunters will always be better than others. We just can’t expect each hunter to be balanced equally like anyone else because that kills the buzz out of the game. Every character needs to be unique.

Tournaments will usually have those players who know what characters are good; not only that but, tournaments are meant for either side to be very competitive so of course people will use those characters the most. Does it mean they’re OP? Nope, because there’s combinations that work really great. I’ve crushed that combo many times and those people were in squads, and since it’s true then that means they’re beatable but it will take a good monster to counter them. And again tournaments are designed for winning, so be aware that you’ll keep seeing those characters.


yes unique - with different mechanics, not weak like hyde or op like cabot prepatch


With the damage creep of new characters, they can always keep buffing everyone, including the Monsters.

In the stream, today, they were talking about damage creep in card games (or something) the good thing about digital media is that it can be updated.


I agree that the developers could give buffs to the ones who need it, but I hope they don’t leave the nerfs as they are. They must listen to the community more often and balance things out.


I think the game is heavily focused on hunters atm.
Wraith nerfed, Kraken nerfed a bit, hunters buffed in areas to bring down kraken - his movement being flying can now be stopped.

You don’t have to be a pro esl or mlg player to label people as good, a good set of hunters with mics and co-ordination will win games.
It’s just the casual players seem to be struggling - i would expect so if you have a hank using his gun and no sheilds and a medic val who likes to no scope monsters with her rifle instead of healing, like they are on call of duty or zombie army trilogy, or you might get an occasional assault for some reason who won’t use his electric gun from markov - and then the trappers who are so far behind the team, they never catch monsters till they are stage 3… all factors which will make monsters win.

I don’t think the “balance” was thought out - maybe a quick fix to stop the extreme OP OP moaning on facebook, twitter and forums more than anything.

Some nerfs are perhaps warrented for some things, but at the end of the day when evolves playerbase has evened out, all that’s going to be left are the hardcore fans, the people who cried nerf, nerf, nerf will be playing the next game, as they got bored with evolve, so where does that leave monster and hunter players who enjoy the game now? and don’t plan on abandoning the game.

In the end it won’t be worth playing some hunters or monsters, they’ll be nerfed and people just won’t play them.
On a side note, the matchmaking is also pretty bad, i’d focus more on this than worrying about if cairas speed buff CD is to quick.


They didn’t listen to complainers. They studied their telemetry.


The telemetry was based on winnings. The hunters had a 52% in wins I think and the monsters had 48%. It will be complicated for the developers to nerf hunters/monsters based on winnings and no details on which hunters did the best or on which monsters did the best as well.


You think the telemetry is based on only winnings?


When you say damage creep, what specifically do you mean?


The chart specifically showed winnings, nothing else was shown. Or if you think it’s more detailed then each of those winnings must show which hunters and monsters played.


Damage creep is when as new characters are added as DLC, they tend to become more and more powerful - eventually outclassing the older ones.

If you watched the stream, yesterday, they specifically talked about damage creep - but the good thing is that the game can be updated. I forget his name, but the male commentator/dev was talking about it in card games (Magic) where the newer cards outclass the old ones.

I was actually wondering when they would address damage creep, and I’m glad they did. As more Hunters are added, they will rebalance and basically buff the old ones to keep on par with the new ones.

It can also be called “power creep”, which is what it goes by also:


Keep the tears incoming while you’re at it, OP.


No one is shedding tears or getting sad over a game. Just because I made a thread means I’m going to be sad? Its having a voice and I bet you don’t know what that means. I suggest you use it though so you could make points across.


Oh no, I’m sorry, I know what Power Creep is! Thanks for taking the time to explain it though, what I was referring to was what elements of the characters would classify them as “Power Creep”.


Game shouldn’t be balanced around pubs. If they’re that lazy to the point where they can’t plug in a mic and try to talk to each other to come up with an effective strategy, then that shows that they obviously don’t care much, if, at all if they lose the game


They surely have more data available than what they’re sharing with us.