PLEASE Keep The Dam As Dark As It Is

It is perfect, dark and grim feeling, sure it is a WIP but pretty please keep it as dark as it is now. It is about as close to the creepy atmosphere we used to have as we’re going to get.


It is indeed nice that we have a night map back.


I can’t see where I’m going tho.

I had to put the gamma to max to see well and it’s still dark.

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Yeah in a lot of areas it just seemed to be nearly pitch black when I was playing as monster. I think they can lighten it up a little. To me it seems darker than legacy ever was in some places.

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I don’t think it needs to stay as dark as it is the way they seem to be trying to reshape it.

If they change what they’re aiming for before they fully release the final product, they can keep the darkness if they lighten it up slightly so that people like @Trollogrefey can see without cranking up the gamma.

To me, I’ve got my brightness up on my monitor pretty high compared to most people (I think) and it was more like a fully moonlit map.

I might have to turn my brightness down if they lighten it up, but I also think that it’s a necessary sacrifice B/C I don’t want the Slim Spore Cloud Launcher thing coming back - I’m fine, but there are people who can’t see.

Weird, I can see just fine (still brighter than legacy or on par).
I wonder if the lighting is maybe buggy for some people making it appear normal for some players but too dark for others 'cause I never heard anyone saying the first four maps are blinding bright, but I do hear a lot of different opinions about the lighting in the dam map.

I kind of love how dark it is. Really set’s the mood.


I feel like I’m the only one in the world able to see just fine in this map.


This map does not have the flavor of old dam map. I really liked the feeling of constrain on the small map, I liked the small passages, narrow tunnels and variety of different ground level. Now it’s basically flat and wide dumbed down version of OG map. I cri evrytim

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I like that its dark- But I wouldnt mind a few lit up areas.

NOT brightly lit.

But low ambient lighting, using different color lights- To help players better learn the “zones” of the map.

Also wouldnt mind a bit more decoration in the expanded new areas. Just stuff to make it visually interesting


I feel like they’re going to actually go through and fix this. I think they’ve released a bare bones version of the map to release to the public, get some reactions. Now’s the time our feedback counts! We have the potential to help them shape the map.


Exact same impression im under.


I like the mood but it doesn’t have many distinct areas, like in other maps that have “The Jangle, the reaver pits, the barracks, the drill etc”, it just seems to have, the dam… and that back area thingie.

That goes on foreverrrrrrr. If it were a jungle on Earth, I could get lost in there.

The sad thing is that all first 4 maps in Stage 2 had a dark atmosphere in Legacy, especially Weather Control in which now they don’t.

And now we have a map that does have a dark atmosphere, and variety is the spice of life.

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It’s darker than before. I like the mood, but let’s face it, it doesn’t go with the current mechanics. Back in OG you could actually visually hide. Now you can’t. So it’s better to be able to see. I’d turn it up just a notch, maybe more dusky than night.

I liked the dark and grim ambiance of the original but the maps and graphics in general lool better with more light.

Unfortunately it seems its going to happen if we like it or not…

I for one, found the map “grey” and a bit “dull” visually. Not problem with darkness (and I just reformatted, my graphical and screen settings are untouched, I could see fine).

But I agree that its nice to actually have night maps.

No they didn’t. None of the first four maps in Stage 2 ever did in Legacy.

What? I mean just look at this:

And compare it with this:

Video that compares Distillery: