Please Increase Dome Animation Speed

Dome was 5 Seconds. Dome is now 1 second.

Dome animation is longer than 1 second. I already disagree with the dome speed, but don’t give me false hope. Don’t make me run into invisible walls that I would previously have been able to escape. Stop the invisible walls. Make the dome appear when wall exists.

I keep turning yellow because of gobi, then turning around only to meet an invisible wall. It’s not good man.


This would be awesome to fix, I completely agree.

If you look in the bug fixes thread that’s something they’re already working on. I think I saw somewhere else they had it fixed and were looking to get it out soon.


Well I’m glad at least that is going to happen. I just hope they remove the inescapablity of the dam things next. The game currently demands that I must be cognizant of favorable geographic positioning for dome fights at every second of play, where as the old game required me to be within 5 seconds or escape distance OR favorable geography.

I honest like how it is now, used to be dumb glitches, like trapper getting outta the dome and Monster glitching out of dome.

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The dome and the dome’s animation aren’t lining up with each other, so you get an invisible dome for a little bit while the animation catches up.

We’ve already got it fixed and hope to roll it out soon."

Your smell range is 70m, the dome is 60m. If you want to dodge a dome you have everything in your power to do so. Don’t get in to a pocket or corner, keep sniffing and looking, and at the first sign of a hunter run (or sneak away from where they’re heading). If you really want to avoid domes above all else then take the smell range perk and be vigilant and reduce the chance of being domed significantly.

All the increasing the dome time-to-drop does is give the monster a shorter range to be concerned about being away from the trapper, it’s not fair on the trapper to have to be within spitting distance of a monster to guarantee a dome when the monster holds all the cards in situational awareness and burst speed. :smile:


Preach it nic

I agree that a trapper shouldn’t have to be in spitting distance. I disagree with your thoughts on distances. That meter distance is almost negligible, and you cannot always notice a hunter for multiple reasons (sniff interval, spore, cloak). It’s not a perfect science, but it’s a pretty good one. Also, at the maximum distance of 70M , you can be hard pressed to discern the silhouettes. Please let me know if there is a more immediate way of determining this.

I feel like the monster does deserve a greater distance concern than 1 second escape velocity. Take into account that a proper trapper will always be in a pocket-preferential position, and let’s not act like avoiding pockets is possible, especially in the bubbly orientation of some maps - you’re often just choosing your favorite pocket.

I’m not asking for five seconds, but I’m certainly asking for more than one. At the very least, I’m looking forward the the current one second mechanic working as intended.

Yep, some maps are hunter oriented, just as some are monster oriented.

Anyway, as both a trapper and a monster (I play both equally) I’m really happy with the dynamic the 1 second dome brings, so I’ll just leave it at that because my opinion won’t be swayed that it should stay as it is :smile:

I completely agree, it really lightens the load on the trappers back and fixes a ton of problems they used to have in the process of “Doming” the monster.

I say it should be 2.5 seconds, at least. Give Monsters a chance to escape.

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There’s a difference between lightening the load and completely removing the load.

You have a good point, but I still like this fix :slight_smile:

But the trapper need the near-instant domes so they can avoid domes where the monster can loop around rather than throwing at the first and likely only opportunity.

But we could have the old dome time and the monsters get slowed down in combat, rather than getting increased regen.
But that’s not fun.

I’d rather have 2.5 seconds. As is, you’re hardly ever escaping a dome as Monster.

But they didn’t change the monster’s ability to escape inside the dome.
The original dome time was designed with the idea the monster would fight.
Turns out they don’t, so the dome time got changed to help out the hunters.


Nope. Monsters have a chance to escape, don’t stick around when the hunters are within your smell range.


Hmm? To be honest I think it should be kept how it is. This patch was intending to make early engagements more common. Nerfing the speed that the dome goes up will just encourage more and more flee’ers and we’ll go back to the “Hold dome to 2” meta, which was extreeeeemely boring.


The 10m gap between smell and dome is nothing, a single boost can close that and get a dome up between smells so you’d have zero clue you were about to be domed in the first place.

Traversals were nerfed in an out of combat last I checked.

This maybe true but what map has that kind of visibility, usually they have to go around a hill to know for sure where you are… Thats why its still fair in my opinion.

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