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I’m new to the Turtle Rock Forums, and forums in general.With that being said, Evolve is my favorite game.I have been playing since release.I have a question hopefully someone can help me with.I’m a big fan of watching competitive play on some of the different streams that are available.My question is that I’ve seen that there is a streamer that goes by tattletale or something close to that name.I have tried searching twitch,youtube,and other streaming outlets but I just can’t find tattletale’s channel or anything anywhere.I was hoping a fellow Evolve fan might know of them and be able to direct me in the right direction.Your time is greatly appreciated and Turtle Rock keep up the good work!


It’s Tatl_Tael, my friend.


Read this thread for everything you need to know about the forums!

Welcome to the forums!

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Hey, that’s awesome! Thank’s alot

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Welcome to the forum dude. The thread @Torvald_Stavig linked is very helpful to get you used to how the forum works.

I hope you’re here for the long run so enjoy yourself. :smile:


Omagaw, I flippin love this name. :heart_eyes_cat:


I almost didn’t recognise you now that you changed your name. I have to double take every time. :smile:

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I got it updated in the Changed name thread.

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He’s doing a charity stream right now :smile:


Welcome to the forums and enjoy your stay!


Thanks everyone! Glad to be here.



Once you join, you never leave muahahaha


@TatlTael you mean, right?

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