Please help - Tier 2 Mastery not completing


I am currently levelling up Caira and I have completed the acceleration field and napalm grenade launcher upgrades however, I cannot complete the healing grenade launcher upgrade. The task seems pretty simple, ‘Revive 15 teammates’ but I have tried pretty much everything and it just doesn’t work. I have tried reviving bots, online randoms, colonists in rescue. I have tried reviving in every game mode but the revives never count towards the upgrade. If someone could help with this it would be much appreciated. Am I missing something?


You have to use the grenade launcher to revive them


This. You have to shoot a downed Hunter with the healing grenades, and you’ll see the orange skull filling back up as you heal them. When it fills, they’ll be revived. This is a very useful tactic for long-range, “safe” revives, and it’s easy to pull off.

So just heal incapped players back up. Good luck.


Thank you so much for your help.