Please Help Me


Sure you are. ^.^


As an actual master of martial arts, it isn’t that great! :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s great when a panda does it.

  1. Never
  2. Going
  3. to
  4. give
  5. you
  6. up
    … I see what you did there :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Hehehehe…Please don’t hurt me. :fearful:


As long as you remain a rose and not turn to a bamboo :wink:

@Shin Us Pandas follow the ancient ways of attacking the humans :grinning:


You have my vote of approval. ^.^


I’m sure MaddCow is pleased to hear it. Whispers. He’s looking for more soldiers in his campaign to destroy the two-leggers.


If only the next monster would be a kung fu fighting panda :confused:


Good… good!

@MidnightRoses Soon the humans will fall :grinning:

@Bigbadbrute You never know… We do lie in wait for our preys :smiley:


Well, my name is based off of katanas. ^.^
I’m not human based on profile.


Actually it’s just prey- prey is singular and collective in and of its- Panda turns to her. -I mean, uh, n-nothing…


He doesn’t eat wildlife he eats space bamboo and stuff.
Ability 1. The wushu finger hold from Kung fu panda?
Ability 2. Sit on hunters?
Ability 3. He could fart a poisonous cloud
Ability 4. Those 3 abilities are so good he doesn’t need a fourth ability

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So you are Daisy!

MidnightRoses can not be found :smiley:

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Sometimes I wonder who is the Terminator here. :wink:


Shin is more of a terminator than you! :wink: I mean he has the body for it, he’s always stoic, he’s a crazy good Assault main…All he needs is the accent.


Well of course! I’m no Terminator. >.>


Oh, right. Yes.