Please help me with question!


I’m trying to master hank and I’m almost done. I have 3 stars on orbital barrage, and my big ass gun. What I don’t understand is how to get 3 stars with my shielding gun. I’ve tried many different ways but I’m confused on how to actually do it. It says that you need to “prevent 30 teammates from becoming incapped”. I don’t know exactly what that means I think it means that I need to heal them before they die (which I do every game).


I believe it is shielding a teammate for enough damage that would be their entire health… so basically continually shielding them as they take the equivalent of 100%+ of their healthbar in damage… but to the shield.


Thank you so much I hope your right


I’m having a heck of a time with this too. It is very unclear about the real objective. If it means for 100% of their life instead of making sure they’re not just incapped, TR needs to be clear and use the proper wording. English is fun when used correctly.