Please Help me understand the upcoming Matchmaking changes?


This is what i gathered so far

  • Ranking disappears completely. All Rank progression is completely pointless now, leaving even less people playing it.
  • Hunt is renamed Arcade but remains unchanged
  • Ranked is renamed Hunt (Beta) and remains unchanged (except that there is no more Leaderboard)

Is that about right? I don’t understand it then. Why remove ranks? What am I playing for now? All levels have been defaulted to maximum with this 10x XP event and my rank won’t matter in a few weeks. For fun, yeah. But how is that going to keep me interested? I can’t get a sense of getting better or not. I won’t know if i defeated a Monster 2 divisions above me or if I got humiliated by an unranked one. I won’t know if I did good or not.

Why are they doing this? Is there something I am missing?


Hunt Beta = Ranked, except without a public display of your rank. It’s probably more accurate to say that Hunt Beta is “Hunt” before the map variants got added, but with ranked style monster and hunter queuing (with separate skill ratings for each side)

Arcade = Hunt as it is now with the variants.

There are longer term plans for match making, these are short term changes that are made to tackle some pressing problems with perception of what the modes are.

Currently Ranked ISN’T a ladder, it’s not a ranking system as you’d expect it from other games. It is basically just operating to try and match up like skilled people. If you don’t improve in skill you should, in theory, never move from your skill rating significantly. But, because it’s called “Ranked”, and because there are leaderboards and progression up and down those boards, people think that it is something which it wasn’t intended to be.

So the change to Hunt Beta is to alleviate this misconception, while also providing a space for people that have made it very clear they don’t want to play anything but a “pure” hunt, not variants, and also a space for people that do not want to play monster, or do not want to play hunter. Primarily the change to Hunt Beta is to make it more clear that if you’re the kind of person that wants to only play one role, and wants a slightly more “competitive” or “try hard” game, then Hunt Beta is the one for you.

The change of the name to Arcade is part of this, it makes it more clear that the mode that is currently called Hunt is not meant to be anything other than fun, and sometimes this means silliness as with the map variants.

But like I said, they also have longer term and as yet unannounced plans for match making, this is the first step to clear up some issues that gamers are having right now and hopefully provide a better experience for people by offering much clearer spaces in which they can play.


For more information on what TRS are up to, they are trying to be as transparent as they can be, here is where you can see their public notes on the long term matchmaking plans

As of the time of posting this is the description on that trello card:

This “feature” is going to take a very long time, as we are writing our own matchmaking service. This will allow us to do things like:

  • Change how you queue
  • Modify role preferences and how they’re used
  • Ability to rejoin after disconnects and crashes
  • Modify the matchmaking variables more
  • Ranked and how it works
  • Tournament service
  • and more!


ok thank you for that thoughrough reply. i see what they are trying to do but i for one never had any misconeption about ranked or not entirely. i saw progressing as a way to reflect my own performance. i ranked as bronze master because i started at level 20 and did not know much about the game. i have almost reached bronze destroyer now and i credit that to myself getting the hang of it, basically getting better.

now i no longer have a visiual cue or anything to show me if i am indeed getting better. because if the system works as it does now i will keep getting smashed by monsters 50% of the time. the monsters may or not get better but i really don’t have any way of telling. i could be getting worse for all i know.

at the moment i am playing to reach silver, as in getting somewhat decent at playing hunter. also i wanted to get 30+ on my mains. neither means anything anymore. so i am lost.


It’ll be interesting to see what happens, I can’t personally imagine they’ll have no ranked style mode or similar in the future