Please help. big lag issue i cant fix


Okay so I bought the game last night and my stock video card didnt support it (I knew this before) so i went and bought a Radeon R5 230 graphics card which gives me 2 gigs of Video ram. more then enough to run the game, but still laggy as hell like 4 fps. i have tryed everything that the internet has suggested. I edited the system cfg file NOTHING. so i repaired the game in steam NOTHING. I have more then enough Ram to run it (8gigs). Ill list my specs below

Windows 8.1

Processor: AMD A4-6300 APU with Radaon HD graphics
Graphics card: Radeon R5 230 with 2gigs Vram
64bit operating system

Please help I have put money into this… I can return the graphics card and get a different one, but the one i have should work perfectly.

If anyone else is running this game with the same specs as me or same graphics card please tell how you did it. Im at a loss.


I’m pretty sure that your video card is below the min. requirements.


the minimum Reqs for the game is 1 gig of Vram and i have 2 and everything checks out… im thinking about taking my video card back and trying another one, i just dont want to


While yes, the game requires those as Min. your card is an older series than the min. required. That would be my first guess to check and see if it makes a big difference.


I see what you are saying… I checked on game debate and they also said that my current card will not work with the game. I had used Can you run it before. not using that site again. Guess im going back to best buy… --__–


Sorry to hear that. Great game tho :smiley: