Please, have a little patience



This is just a little post to ask for a little patience from everyone during this whole beta process.

TRS have been implementing a lot of changes and have been putting out a lot of content during the last few weeks since the game became free to play. They’ve been trying new things, they’ve kept in touch with the players, they’ve been balancing the game and trying to offer a more enjoyable experience.

The last patch surely brought some problems, but it’s a little disheartening to see so many people complaining about the problems and issues the patch brought. Sure, it’s good to let the developers know about the bugs and glitches that affect our experience, but they make one mistake and suddenly everyone quits the game and rages and posts ranting threads.
Calm down, guys. They’re trying their best to polish the game and offer us a good experience. I’ve yet to see another studio that puts out so many updates and content (a bit recycled, but content nonetheless). This is the reason it is a beta. They changed many core aspects of the game to offer a more dynamic experience and they’re still experimenting. They have a lot of things planned for the game, just look at the Trello board. Your Wraith buffs will come soon enough; the wildlife, AI monster and character switching speed bugs will be fixed in the next patch; many adaptations will come down the line.

They’re doing what they can to satisfy us, and pretty much all I see regarding the bugs and glitches are accusations of incompetence towards the devs. They’ve worked (and are working) their asses off to put out content (I even read most of the team crunched hard the week before the Deepest Dark was released). They’re people, for god’s sake. Have a little compassion.

Thank you for reading.

And thank you Turtle Rock for making such an awesome game, my second favorite game ever, after Left 4 Dead.

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[quote=“JedeOff, post:1, topic:100890”]
And thank you Turtle Rock for making such an awesome game, my second favorite game ever, after Left 4 Dead.
[/quote]Shots fired?


I love both equally, but I’ve loved L4D for longer :two_hearts:


I actually have a lot of patience for the devs, they are doing a lot. You say one thing though and the community here explodes like you kicked a puppy, which then makes them snap back and get more heated about the issue than they were.


Console players had patience with TRS pre-Stage 2 for many months… look where that got them. I don’t see many of the familiar faces I used to see on Evolve Forums that were awesome parts of the console community.

Overkill released update after update, DLC after DLC for the PC version of Payday 2 that was promised to arrive on all systems eventually. They’re now on over a year of having released no updates for BOTH their console versions( previous-gen version of Payday 2 and the next-gen version Payday 2: Crimewave Edition). They announced recently they’re finally getting an update and DLC for these console versions. No surprise, the population is so abysmally low that those updates are dead on arrival.

My concerns for the community aren’t about patience honestly, I think it’s gone well past that when we’re on the second iteration of the game. Some people are going to wait/have been waiting so long they completely forget the reason they were waiting in the first place and simply move on and many of those players aren’t going to come back.

L4D is amazing though definitely one of my top favorites and really looking forward to what Valve has planned for L4D3. Heck I still see some old school players from my competitive L4D1 days still competing on Xbox One’s backwards compatible L4D. Good stuff.


how can it be “shots fired”? they made both games lol


You must be thinking of Left 4 Bed :stuck_out_tongue:


I mean ill play it but by the time gears and skyrim will be out I probably wont even play it as much as I was going to


And that’s completely fine, just because you started playing another game doesn’t mean that you suddenly hate Evolve and you’re not a fan anymore.

All I have done lately is play Overwatch and nevertheless, I’m still super excited for Stage Two on consoles and I’m also super happy with the road TRS has taken with the game so far!

Evolve and TRS will ALWAYS have a special place in my core. :bucket_cute: :heart:


I feel it may turn out to be the opposite for many. Given the gap the console release will feel much more like a sequel that’s free to play, and I think that in itself will pique the interest of players when they hear it’s come back out.

No doubt some people will feel bad blood, unfortunately, and decide that they’d rather never play again. That’s their choice, but I’d personally be surprised if they were a significant number of people compared to those that would be interested in Stage 2 on console when it does arrive.


“There can be only one”


Last time I checked this is not a ‘when’ situation, it’s an ‘if’ right now. We have no idea how successful Stage 2 is going to pan out for Evolve long term and it’s been made very clear that if Stage 2 doesn’t work out on PC console players may never see a release. I’ve seen the steam charts for Stage 2, and it’s too early to even take a shot in the dark as to what will happen.

What I do know now, is Evolve on console has a shanty town community and has been left without updates for quite some time. Not even so much as a hotfix or tweak. Players who used to stream late into the night praising the game despite its numerous flaws (many still there) and encouraging new console players to help them over the learning curve are gone. They’re left to watch the boat that is Stage 2 sink or swim. We’re talking about people that have spent 100’s+ of hours and likely a large sum of their free cash on skins, season passes and other DLC content in this game. Nobody want’s to be a bystander for a community they have readily poured so much of themselves into, thinking a savior update was ETA and then being left with “Hey only IF PC guys really like it then higher ups might say you can get it”. What’s left is a dead console game and whole part of the community that isn’t gaining people, only stagnating, and a huge breach of confidence/trust between (what was) a large portion of the community and the developers.

It’s incredibly disappointing to me that the loving passion I had for Evolve is completely gone, and is instead replaced with the bitter memory of the ending that followed.

I understand the gravity of this situation. TRS was and still are facing many circumstances out of their control and things will pan out however they do. They’re a passionate group that work hard to pull off something many game development studios could never execute properly. Video game industry is first and foremost a business and Stage 2 failing would have much worse consequences than some people not being able to play a game (like hard working professional’s being left jobless). But it was a slap in the face for those on console who cared a lot for this game including its community and now they’re just left to watch it all unfold instead of being along for the ride.


This is strongly my opinion. I’m a Xbox one player that played stage 2 on PC for 2 months and decided to give it up because I can’t play with my team I played with for 1 yr or so and playing with some of the people I’ve played with on PC makes me not want to play it at all so I can only assume that when they actually make some of the monsters more viable that its going to be impossible to play with random or if they leave it the way it is now no one is going to want to play monster which leads to a loss of population in the future. Anyway I’m kinda not looking forward to play this on console I want to play it competitively but the time it comes out ill already have myself invested strongly into overwatch competitive.


I wish all those that are choosing to move on to other games the best, hope to see you again when/if the mist clears when/if stage 2 reaches console land :slight_smile:


Brown nosing TRS is not going to make bugs and other problems this game has go away


Patience and brown nosing are not the same thing.


The main thing that makes bugs go away is a motivated and enthusiastic workforce. So actually, not that anyone actually is “brown nosing”, being respectful and complimentary towards the devs for their efforts likely would make the bugs go away faster than the alternative of being aggressive or overly critical.


I’m not brown nosing anyone, I’m just being understanding and respectful towards a team of devs that are constantly talking to their players to get feedback and fix things.

Neither you nor I have any idea of what’s going on in the studio, but they’re doing their best —under a very limited budget, might I add— to put out content and fix bugs.

They have their own schedule and list of priorities, and some things can’t be fixed overnight, there’s a whole process behind it and it’s not that simple. If it were, we would already have 15 monsters and 50 hunters and a shitload of maps in a perfectly playable state, wouldn’t we?

They’re taking the time to try and make things work for god’s sake.

They’re people, I’m sure they have their own worries inside the studio. They’re under a limited budget, they’re working their asses off every day and this whole drama going on on the forums must get to them in some way or another. It’s freaking stressful having to read complaints after complaints of known issues or posts about things people want that are impossible to implement at the moment and under the conditions TRS are working right now. It’s a lot of pressure to handle and this thread was just meant to be a little reminder to be more understanding and patient.

Is that too much to ask?


They do a great job I wont argue with that but new content? What’s new? Parnell Medic? The new medic is basically Parnell + Slim with the same mechanics (it’s not new content) literally his shotgun reduces the cooldown of healing burst (exactly the same as slim) his super solder does exactly what parnell (assault) does. Please tell me what is new?

Picture it as adding buffs & nerfs of stats. Let’s switch up a few numbers (is not new content)

New content is designing a new mechanic that works differently than the rest. Re-adding things that already exist (game mechanic-wise) is not new content.

For the last 4 patches, I haven’t seen any big changes lately. In fact how I play this game is simply log in (collect daily reward) log out, hoping that great changes will soon come. My interests in the game are slowly declining. I’ve offered & noted decent feedback not from only myself but several other players that play the game & nothing has been done about it.

As far as fixing, there are numerous of bugs that still haven’t been addressed nor fixed & I’m tired of returning to the forums re-addressing the issue w/o being answered. Instead we get more of the same content added to try to attract more attention like (Parnell Medic).


The difference is between us and them is that they are getting paid, so it’s part of the job to take criticism also the people that are playing Evolve are doing them a favor