Please guys comeon


Fix the bugs faster, i cannot play as laz bodies always end up outside of the map, i love this game but its destroying its self even more with every update, its not about balance anymore, the game its self is shattered and breaks more with each update, you guys have to do something or this game is done, as much as i hate to say it


I feel you. Lately it seems like bodies are falling through like crazy, even when there isn’t a Laz on the map.

My biggest gripe lately has been the Kraken. Idk if I’m just struggling against him or what, seems like there’s basically no CC and it’s impossible for assault to consistently damage him…


Tjis bug has ben around 4 ashile it isnt nu just stp


Not sure if you’re being serious or not, but this bugs been around for a minute and it definitely turns people away from using Laz. Any word on why it hasn’t been done away with yet?

I don’t necessarily buy that the game is “dying” though. The XB1 community seems pretty healthy and we’re usually on late night.


Idk man, must just be hard for them to figure out i guess. It used 2 happen 2 me a lot but not anymore.


May just be on the XB1 then (not sure what you’re on). It’s actually gotten worse for me lately, even had my assault fly through the Map when I was Slim about an hour ago.

It’s just weird that a glitch like that has survived so many patches. Not sure if the developers have ever addressed why…


I am on XBone.


Meh fuck it, add me? Haha GT is the same as my username.


It’s 1:15 AM, I’m going to bed man. You can add me though if ya want.

GT: Rapterror9


Im on xbox too, games not dead yet but we’ve got a new bug where medics get stuck running around 200 meters above the map and cant get down, just more things breaking with each update, and if people cant rely on the game to operate properly eventually theyll leave because im getting sick of losing matches on technicalities and i know everyone else is too, if the updates didnt introduce more problems itd be fine but each one makes it worse so im hoping one comes soon that sweeps all the shit away and the game is close to fixed up, im ok with a bug every now and then, but every match is ridiculous


And im not trying to pick a fight or anything, i honestly love this game, its amazing, but a unicorn covered in shit is not quite as majestic as a clean one, im just hoping they scrub all the shit out pretty soon, without fresh shit popping up


Same here. I never have bodies fall through the map.


What stone did you use to get that evolution?


Now they end up 200 meters outside the map in a random direction, not really an improvement


Haven’t had that happen, either.


U play as laz?


When I play medic, yes.


Falling through the map is honestly a common problem for games, I fell through the ground in TERA and was stuck until I could get a priest to teleport me out(had no scrolls). It may be just how corpses register to the the map?


I understand it happening but having a character that relies on dead bodies, and it still happening is really really bad, theyre negating a character and cant get a fix to stick


Happens to laz, maybe your just extremely lucky, i have not had ONE single match, not one where someone doesnt fall trough the map when me or a teammate is playing as laz, now theres a bug where (ive only seen it happen to medics) a player gets stuck running around at 200 meters up and cant get down so the most important player has been locked outside waiting for the whole match