Please guys add new monsters


Pls make Lizard, Snake, Turtle (lol), Shark, Werewolf, Pterodactyl monsters. Or more monsters to your


You do realize that an immense amount of coding goes into creating monsters though, right? They cant easily just poop one out in a few days.


It’s true, more monster should be made. But then again with each new Monster it needs 4 new hunters. That takes time. But Adaptions only take a week, so that’s why they did them, now MG and EK are here.


That is a weird image…


I am on the same boat, but in reality, designing a balanced monster, modeling it, animating it, ect, is VERY hard and expensive.

Monster variations are just simple polygon tweaks, and not much gets changed.


Takes about 9 months for a smaller studio like TRS to make a completely new Monster, from concept design all the way to launch.

The variations take maybe 4-8 weeks to complete.


Who’s to say that they haven’t been working on a new one? :smirk:

Don’t take that to mean I have inside info, anyone. I joke, I joke.


He has inside info!!!



The turtle is already hear… She is called BoB the behemoth and is the best metaphor for TURTLE ROCK that they got! ^.^

I would like varients that are wild (pay for too) once I get my Sticky_Bob huh @trs


im available for maya, 3ds studio and adobe with NDA agreements and I work for credit only atm!


This might peak someone’s interest. Especially if they wanted to see a Turtle monster.