Please give Monsters a couple new abilities


They need something to level the playing field. I would personally love to see tracking countermeasures (anti-tracking, if you will), but only ones I can think of thus far are direct combat;

Goliath: Fireball- Shoots a small spread of fireballs that explode on impact, but do not linger like Lava Bomb. Alternatively, make it a single fireball that shoots straight, but moves quickly, similar to Vortex.

Wraith: Multivision- Would create side-by-side copies of Wraith that mimic her movements. They deal no damage, and placement is random. So the real Wraith could be center one time and far left another time.

Kraken: Ride The LIghtning (sorry, but no I’m not)- Only works while walking, propels the Kraken forward at high speeds. The ability would leave a large electrical path behind him, forcing hunters to fly around and otherwise climb lengthy terrain to avoid damage.

Behemoth: Pending

Thoughts? I’m not pushing the listed ideas specifically, just want wanted to get the ball rolling.


Could be cool I liked the Multivision Idea
Evolves version of Double Team
But what ability takes what does ride the lightning take the lightning strike
fireball I know for sure that it will take fire breath but how do you choose which fireball
And maybe behemoths could be to smash up earth that flings hunters into the air with a rock flying up to meet them


I think you misunderstand, these would be entirely new abilities, not alternate versions.


While I would not be particularly interested in any of the ideas you suggested (no offense[althought he goliath one is badass]) I Would like to see it since I think it would add to variety. Although i would think that it might have some balancing issues since it would add more time needed to balance it as opposed to spending time bug fixing. an iteration that I WOULD like to see of this is that you have a menu that you can choose before the match which version of the attack you would pick.
If you have played the new smash game, kinda like that.


I like the idea better of alternate versions.