Please give me some criticism! (Trapper)


Me and my buddy are streaming Evolve to celebrate the release, and we want some professional slices to our egos! It’s the best way to get better. Tell us how much we suck.


Criticism about trapper?Always follow Daisy.And when you are not,stop and follow Daisy.


I’d say use Daisy as a guide. The Pincer strategy means to sight the monster, have part of the team get behind it to flush it out, then have the rest cut it off to trap it. Daisy gives a lot of cues other than just sniffing footprints, and her tells can give you a sense of how to anticipate the creature. Remember, it’s a hunt, not a chase!


Oh, you suck as much as you can =) Here’s your critisism. Don’t thank me. Always a pleasure.