Please fix this


Please let us pick our hunter when joining existing matches! So annoying, it happens way too much


Tell me how that would work out, since hunters are determined at the start of a match?


If it’s a bot just change it to whatever you want. That can’t be that hard. You can’t tell me that it isn’t broken the way it is?


What I mean just stay to the next game than pick your character.


It’s actually pretty difficult from a technical standpoint.


I know i can stay until the next game but its no fun playing something you don’t want to play


If it’s too hard for them to put into this game then they’ve got some problems


It’s intended. If you don’t like you can leave the current game. However, it is WAY to exploity to have a Hunter pick an AI that is good early game, leave, and then come back and change it.


Pretty dumb to tell someone to just leave the game for stating problems with it. Think things through before posting idiotic remarks.

Back to the issue, they could make it so if you left a room and joined the same room you could only be the same hunter that you were using before. And i know that it is possible because other games do this exact thing.


Calm down here skippy. You are the one attacking the Devs for something you perceive as ‘broken’, to which I reply that it is intended and easily exploitable.

Again, it’s too easy to exploit. Just because other games have a feature that you like doesn’t mean it would be great in every other game.


What I’d like to see is for you to be able to set 1 perk you have as “PREFERRED”. That way, if you are dropped into a game with a Bot, you will have that PERK applied.

I love the Jetpack Recharge. But no bot seems to have it, so I’m stuck being really slow and much less maneuverable.


I’m not attacking the devs lol. How would it be exploitable if they made it what I said? Oh it wouldn’t? oh cool. And the feature would be good in this game, how would it not?


Your first post and title says to fix something and you go on saying ‘it can’t be that hard’ implying that the Devs are inferior because they don’t have this in the game.

As for exploiting, there are certain Hunters that are better at earlier stages of the game compared to later. For instance, Abe is better the earlier the game is while Abe is better late game.

Caira/Val are great early game where Laz is arguably better late game.

There are plenty of reasons to not have it as you could manipulate the game more in your favor. Sorry if you can’t see it, but it isn’t a sound suggestion.


How are they better earlier than later? It’s not like you evolve like the monster the more the game goes on. It would not be an exploit to pick your hunter. Not sure why you want something broken in the game anyways.


Abe relies on his darts to track the monster. Early game: few darts in wildlife. Late game: darts in most wildlife Abe has seen. That means the monster is more likely to eat a dart.
EDIT: sorry, you asked for what’s better earlier than later. I’d say Maggie is better earlier than later. Daisy can help with a sneaky monster, late game daisy isn’t as helpful.

Your question assumes it’s broken. It’s not.

I would hate this as monster. I might want different builds when evolving based on what hunters I’m facing.


Speaking of fixing, I’d fix your title. It reminds me of generic helpdesk tickets where in the subject line, people act like they have a quota limit on syllables, and will say things like “Not working” or “I need help”, etc.


At least let us pick perk when we join to game already in progress.


Well then TRS needs to just let you (the monster) keep fighting bots since you made your abilities just for them and not put people into rooms that are going on.


See. This is a great suggestion. Or at least let us know what the bot picked for us (If they do pick one)


Nice suggestion true. Or just let us pick a hunter and our own perk. that would be nice