Please fix this monster health glitch IMMEDIATELY

Okay, I thought I remembered you mentioning something about it a while back.

Darn, was hoping that one was going to be closer. Thanks for the info though.

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Actually I have really good new. I walked over and asked the UI guys about it and they said it has already been fixed and is in the next title update (not micropatch). I don’t know the date of the next title update but this fix should be in the next one!


Excellent! Happy to hear it. :smile:

Tell the UI guy’s they’re awesome for me.

I also did a bug search for this one and found it. It has also been fixed. It should also be in the next title update.

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@macman What does “title update” mean? I get that it’s a major update of some kind, but is it a specific signifier of new content?

I guess its their way of saying its a big update.

Yeah. The balance update we did was technically a micro patch. All we did was change number values in some files that change how much damage something does, or how large the radius of something is. That isn’t new code, it’s just changing a number in a field, so it’s extremely low risk. Doesn’t introduce new bugs, etc. so it’s much quicker to go through the approval process. Takes about a week from the time we have a build until we can release it.

Title updates are updates that have new code, or new art assets. So the Tier 4 character update required a full title update. Those can take a month or so to go through the approval process.

As a result, micropatches will happen often but just tweak the existing game and title updates happen less often but often include new features, characters, etc.

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according to what? a useless leaderboard that many people have abused to avoid losses and deaths on?.
and how the F do you know if you’re the #10 monster @ the world. when theres 3 different platforms this game is being played on huh?.

screw your head back on bucket, you’re upto no good.


I’m sorry, but under no circumstance is a month lead time acceptable. Not blaming you or anyone about it, but it’s not okay, that is grossly inefficient. Should be able to fix things and update faster than that, everyone else does.

Feel free to explain the reasoning, but man, that’s rough.

A quick internet search resulted in this link. We have to do our own testing before we submit the builds to first party, so that’s where we typically end up at a month total. Keep in mind that if issues are found that must be fixed, a new build is made and the process typically starts over.

I loved when this glitch happened to me…

with Hank…

Monster could fight back with two bar remaining!

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Yeah but, why does the PC platform have to wait on consoles? Any reason? Again not grilling you at all, so don’t feel pressured by any means.

It doesn’t. You’re right, I should have clarified. In the last update, all platforms got the balance patch (micro patch), but only the PC got a hotfix patch, which is actually code. So we can make updates on the PC more frequently than on the consoles.

But for big title updates like a new game mode or new characters, all three platforms get put through the wringer together. It’s just more efficient that way because often times a bug on one platform also exists on the others.

Ah okay, well fair enough. Still seems a bit on the slow side. Something you guys are working on streamlining I’m sure? Also Im of the opinion you guys should share more of what you guys got going on, like things you’ve gotten fixed, state of balance etc. Even if it’s not final…perhaps the best method would be a Public Test Realm?

Edit: To clarify, share with hard numbers not “It’s been made more accurate” etc. People tend to relate more to hard numbers, even if they are non fixed.

Yay! We’re guinea pigs! Huzzahs for PC! :smiley:

I’m okay with this if we get fixes sooner

Is there any news in when behemoth is getting fixed. He still takes way too nuch damage and his stamina rly needs to go back to way it was.

Win/Loss means crap. Something can be 50% W/L ratio and it can still be a broken concept. Especially if a lot of your data is including incompetent players.

Torvald is currently one of the worst Assaults to use against your current broken concept, Kraken.

I still feel Torvald’s Mortas do waaaay too much damage. They are distinct and easy to hear… but you can shoot them right on top of yourself against an attacking Monster. Shoot them at a cliffside to constantly deny a Goliath (or Behemoth) from climbing) and it feels like a mobile Markov’s mines, or Hyde’s Gas Grenade (in full) that can’t be “avoided”. It’s as if Torvald is pulling out his Markov’s mines, throwing them at you, and immediately detonating. That’s not fun at all. At least I can avoid Markov’s mines (or burn them/shootthem) or stay our of Hyde’s gas. All of which are area denial tools the Assault have. Torvald’s is just too good.

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