Please fix this monster health glitch IMMEDIATELY

I’ve had 2 games where I have almost killed a monster and then they start evolving in the middle of combat and they get lucky and evolve right as their health depletes which puts them back to full health and its so stupid that this is even in the game, please fix @MacMan @SlabOMeat @DamJess

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Bugged it. Thanks for the video!


A question to @MacMan about Torvald, will there be any more nerfs as currently I feel that his mortars are exceedingly powerful and do way too much damage compared to the amount of skill needed to wield. This contrasts to the other assaults like Markov who takes a lot of skill to balance between using lightning gun, arc mines, and his assault rifle. I recently played a game where the assault (Torvald) was using only his mortars throughout the entire match, he was doing crazy damage every 5 seconds, maybe an increased cooldown so that the mortars cannot be spammed?

Not at the moment. We are watching things since the update. He’s got a 51.1% win ratio and his damage output is currently slightly below Hydes. He is still a little strong when you compare his win/loss ratio to the other Hunters (Hyde is closest with a 48.2% win ratio) but it’s not bad.


We are more focused on Sunny at the moment as she has a 54.3% win ratio.

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ok, thats nice to know, where do you get the damage for Parnell from? Damage dealt? Or damage overall to himself and the monster?

Do you happen to have a similar chart for monster damage across different stages?

As a side note, can you share any potential plans to fix/nerf the kraken to make it less frustrating to play against?

well no shet u still won, you lit him up for 10 seconds while he was defenseless…

Don’t trust the actual numbers on this chart, but the proportion to each other is correct.

The three light blue boxes are all for Stage 1 monsters. The first box is Stage 1’s that did NOT make it out of stage one. Hence they tend to do the most damage of all stage 1’s because they have been forced to fight. The second Stage 1 box represents Stage 1 monsters who would go on to win or lose at Stage 2. And the third Stage 1 box is for monster players that would make it all the way to Stage 3.

The two Stage 2 boxes work very similarly.


We are working on it. It’s deeper than just tuning though, so these changes are coming more slowly. He has one change to Lightning Strike coming in next week’s (hopefully) micropatch but we are working on other stuff internally. Things like a minimum arm time for the Banshee Mines and making attack animations finish before new attacks can begin.

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His movement is really hard on the eyes. He jerks side to side and descends in frames it seems. Before he looked so much more smooth and was aesthetically good.

And nothing slows him down.

I just wonder where you collect this Data???

For example, Cabot’s skill Damage is the Highest in Supports, and your data shows that Bucket can do double Damage than Cabot???
This also happened in Your Monster Data.

I like this game, but this game’s data engineers are really Bad.

Every Patch just reduce 30%, or increase 10% Damage… Could you do more precise?

So the bugged pulldown from stasis/tranq darts/harpoons isn’t gonna be fixed anytime soon? oh god…

Well Cabot isn’t supposed to do damage himself he’s supposed to allow more damage to be dealt, that’s why bucket is beating him in damage because he’s suppose to

bucket can do more damage because its DIRECT first party damage. cabot though relies upon assault to up his damage . . . which does more damage cabot who stops dealing damage to help assault deal damage. or bucket who throws out 5 turrets and has a guided missle launcher that you have no right to miss with because proximity detonation and laser guided missles

Hi, man. Firstly, I’m Top 10 monster in the world and I know how to play…

I don’t want to talk who did more damage in the team. Definetely, Cabot did. I just want to know how Turtle Data Engineer collect this data as I saw this Statistical chart is really Poor.

Hi MacMan, we don’t want any character’s W/L radio because that’s not important.

We want to know Monster vs Four Hunters Party 's W/L
vs Three Hunters Party 's W/L… like that

Pretty sure this is direct damage
No sense for cabots damage amp to count as his own damage
because its not.
bucket deals more damage if at least 3 turrets are shooting

Cabot’s damage in these graphs does not show Damage Amp amped damage. I’ve tried to point that out every time I post Support numbers.


This actually reminded me. Any word on when we’ll be able to see armor values for minions and stuff?

(that reminded me also, any word on when we’ll be able to see how far away team mates are again? (like the meter count next to their name that used to be there but isn’t anymore))

Not sure. I don’t know if this is on the to-do list.

This one is bugged and in the backlog. I just bumped it, but don’t have an ETA yet.

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