Please fix this already rofl xD


wtf xD <-----


I can’t watch. What is it?


I just saved a highlight from my stream so it might take a couple seconds to work properly… it works for me though idk xD. You’ll have to watch it I don’t want to spoil the hilarious moment.


No I mean Twitch overall doesn’t work for me.


Goliath discovers FTL travel.


Yeah, that seems to happen to me alot when I play Goliath, I still do not know what triggers it.


I don’t know either and its really frustrating x_x


just the stupid goliath teleport at warp speed bug


I don’t understand why you would restart the game. It looked like you were training competitive play (since you were playing against Epex). A bug like this wouldn’t warrant a restart (In ESL anyway) unless the opposing team are cool with it… Which you shouldn’t expect. You know, just sayin’.

Also, I’ll move the thread to the bug section.


Meh you’re right about the restart. But I was already so done with that game I gave up after that and clearly lost. I’m good with Epex anyways so it’s all fun and serious at the same time. I just think it’s hilarious I bugged through all of those mines.