Please fix Sunny


I’m having a lot of problems with Sunny, and here’s why (take note I’m on PS4). Whenever I play her, she has a variety of problems that make her the weirdest support to choose. Her chase game is strong, especially with Val. Easy to find the monster, easy to tranq, easy to stay on top of it. But then when you put her in the dome, it’s a different story.

Her shield drone is the dumbest thing in her kit. It takes forever to put up, easy to destroy. It’s a game of leap-hop from cliff to cliff replacing those damn drones. They insta-pop out, but take forever to charge up and are destroyed so easily. For the purpose of what the shield drone is supposed to do, it makes no sense what so ever to have it as an instant deployable then have it destroyed so easily! It hardly serves it’s original purpose and is more of a very small distraction. Waste all that time hopping to another cliff to pop it back out then go all the way to the other cliff and wait 8 seconds for it to charge up just for it to get flamed, web-snared, vortexed, you name it.

Now to talk about her “jetpack booster”. This thing is weird. It gives extra jetpack, but at the slowest of slowest speeds possible. I said before it wasn’t noticeable, but when you’re versing a typical silver 2/3 Braken (broken Kraken), it’s very noticeable. I hate her kit right now. Her jetpack booster is good utility wise, but not effective like I believe it should be. It takes forever to charge, but offers little escapes from bad situations. And sorry, but that’s what she was made for; getting out of bad situations. Should it be a “get out of jail free card”? No. But it should help out to the point where it can save lives. Considering how useless her shield drone is, her jetpack booster is the only real support she gives.

I want to give my opinion on how I think her kit should work. These ideas did not come from me so the ideas I suggest, the props go to the original people who thought of these ideas. So for her mini-nuke launcher, it’s fine as it is now, but the only thing I suggest is to raise the damage from 165 to 170. For the shield drone, I suggest we put a deploy time on it. Make it take some time to put up, but make it much harder to destroy than it is now. An instant flame-breath shouldn’t be enough to destroy the drone, but like I said, make it much harder to put the shield drone up. Maybe even a cool down along with a deploy time may help, but as the shield drone is now, it’s a waste of space in her kit. For her jetpack booster, I have two ideas. First is to increase the capacity back to 100 and thrust back to 50%, in return for a 30 second recharge time. It is 20 seconds right now, so a 50% increase on the recharge time would be much better. My next idea is to make the jetpack booster boost your normal jetpack. The jetpack booster would NOT give extra fuel, but rather double the speed and distance of your normal jetpack (100% bonus thrust). The way I think this could work is once we put the jetpack booster on our teammates, we can see how much jetpack they have in terms of percentage. So when the booster is not on a teammate the percentage would show as a dash or “-”. Then when you put the booster on a teammate, depending on how much jetpack they have, it would show a percentage. So if say you boost Maggie, and she already used 70% of her jetpack, the jetpack booster would show 30% (meaning that’s how much they have left in their jetpack capacity). These are just my ideas on how to actually fix sunny because as of right now she is just broken.


Sunny is fine, other than the shield drone. The only thing she really needs is a two second deploy animation to stop her from throwing out drones while being focused and putting drones in unfair places. If your team can’t dodge with the jetpack booster, they’re not using it right and are probably out of position anyway. I mean, you can dodge attacks with normal jetpacks, and you’re telling me you can’t when you have an extra 40% boost speed and extra fuel? The problem isn’t your character choice.


I’m not talking about dodging attacks, I’m talking about what her kit brings to the table. If you read my whole post you’ll understand what I’m talking about.


Omg yassssss preach! Her 40% thrust back is a complete joke. It just gives you extra jetpack that’s it. And her shield drone. WAAAAAY TO EASY TO DESTROY! at least make it a tiny bit stronger because its just unfair how easy it is to destroy.


Here come the sunny UP threads .-.


He’s talking about how she’s broken torvald


Buff her…and re-buff the others hunters!


News flash: she’s still too strong. Stop her shield drone being spammed so easily and she might be fair to fight.


I said that.


Yeah, not talking about that at all. Her JPB is still a fantastic tool. If your team isn’t choosing to use it wisely then that’s on them. It offers the ability to save an out of position hunter and completely negate damage. What more do you want?


lol this is hilarious…a “Sunny is UP” thread. She’s not even close to UP and some people still think she’s a little op.


Bad situations and dodging are different.


He means stop Sunny from spamming it so easily, not stop the monster from destroying it easily, and he’s absolutely right, and you have no idea what you’re talking about if you think they should buff anything about Sunny


Sunny is fine but her bugs aren’t. I’m tired of getting the holy cross while using her jetpack booster and her mini nuke causing fireworks all over my screen. It’s extremely disorienting which is why I don’t enjoy using her.


I never said buff i said change why aren’t people reading my posts :confused:


Talking about how the shield drone is useless is saying she is UP bud.


Literally the same thing.


Did you guys just read what he just said? He’s just gave reasonable adjustments too sunny that most people would think are fair. He’s not saying buff her up completely with no flaws attached. He’s saying give old sunny back , but with fair disadvantages and there’s nothing wrong with what he said


Literally the only thing he said that can be considered a fair change is adding a deploy time and buffing the health of the drone. The JPB is fine, people just need to stop expecting it to save them no matter how badly they fuck up. The JPB is only useful when sunny is not being focused, as with the shield drone. So the only time she will really be able to use it is when the monster is going after another person, at which point sunny should have her drone out, adding MORE protection to the other hunter. It’s fine.


The shield drone already has a charge up time after deployed, if they give it more health it should have a deploy time and a charge up time both.