Please fix Elder Kraken


Elder Kraken was perfect when it was first released now you are not even close to it’s attacks and they light you up I don’t understand if I dodge the red beams why is it taking 75% of my health away and I look at some one 60 meters away from me getting hit by the same attack please fix Banshee Missile, Lightning Strike and most of all that damn Death Spiral. Chain Lightning seems good to me Elder seems like the only OP monster to me at this point. The only other monster I complain about is Behemoth Just because the roll damage is ridiculous. Please give me feed back on this topic because I see people on here complaining about a lot of things and not this I seriously made a TRS account just to get this out here.


He will be adjusted, you just have to wait till TU9 which should be released soon! :slight_smile: If we are lucky, the update will be released at the end of this month so just hold on tight a little longer!


I can only hope so.


Im holding out for the end of next month. Anything sooner is just icing on the cake.


Kelder’s only problems are his Death Spiral doing a little too much damage and the speed of Banshee Missile. People put three points into LS, giving it this huge radius and making it near impossible to avoid.

I’m glad TU9 will fix him.


I know a lot of people including me who thought he sucked when he came out

we should be getting a adjustment for him soon so just wait :wink:


One can hope. I hope I am right too, I am have been playing battleborn but they have been releasing weekly patches that have me slowly stepping away from the game so I have my fingers crossed its sooner rather than later.


In my opinion they should micro patch him and TU9 it would be the best if it comes September or even later. Just to get the max attention out of it.

Now its Summer everyone is enjoying the sun, not sure if the time is that good now to release a complete overhaul.

But maybe I am completely wrong.


I dont like the sun…lol and ew, releasing during the beginning of the school year would be horrible, at least for me.


yeah i stopped playing temporarily until TU9 releases. When that micropatch came out all the good monsters picked elder kraken (haven’t played in a couple months so don’t know if that’s still true) and would just melt my team. frustrating as hell


Heres the funny thing about Kelder-

The damage on his abilities really hasnt changed. With the exception of chain lightning, which is still kind of a under-picked ability from what ive seen (more or less picking it “cuz ive got points”, the only real difference they made for Kelder, in regards to combat, is how easy it is to land his abilities.

Against good Kelder players, GENUINELY good Kelder players, he was about as scary to fight then as he is now, because they didnt miss often anyways. Now the average monster player can land anything and everything, and is doing the type of damage good kelder players were doing prior. It used to require some skill/practice to land his combos in successful succession, less so now.

Most of the competitive community that I have had personal experience with were fine with Kelders combat capabilities (With the exception of Chain lightning), but wanted to see some buffs to his traversal. The height gained was too small, and it wasnt as fluid as regular krakens. It moves about 1 mps faster, but because of the height it gains youre really not able to use it going up any kind of terrain. Oh no a slight incline? You just wasted your traversal. Stuff like that.


Hey look you just said the reasons why people thought he sucked!


Just saying never lost as Elder Kraken before the update it was fine.


Sometimes I really ask myself why the devs balancing like this.

Even in higher level play the hunters struggle with him.
I watched “Seeds” Stream/Youtube the Elder Kraken won already at stage one or early stage two.


@Sidewaysgts On two occasions now the devs admitted that during the latest balance patch, all of Kelders numbers were unintentionally boosted way higher than they were supposed to be. It’s somewhere on the forums, and It was confirmed by Lady in my stream once. I agree that before a skilled player with Elder actually was scary, but now anyone can pick it m, and have a high chance of winning. Don’t know how it happened, but they said the numbers are kinda crazy on Elder right now.


You’re completely correct. I’ve seen the posts myself. He got some buffs he was meant to get for this upcoming title update instead of the Buffs he was meant to get for the micropatch

Devs often have multiple internal builds going at one time. One guy has this he’s working one. Someone else has this. Etc. they’re juggling multiple metas and builds internally because of everything going on, with who knows how many sets of notes for “try this”. “No try this.” “Ok now let’s try this”. “That one set we used two sets ago was the best lets go with that”. Etc

I was merely stating that at a high end, kelder wasn’t as bad as a lot of people thought- he just had a high skill ceiling. Most competitive players I’m familiar with felt he simply needed some mobility buffs, and tweaks to chain lightning.


Fair enough, not trying to argue :slight_smile: you’re right the high end players were getting good and he did need a traversal/chain lightning fix.

I’m just salty cause I play all these great monsters, typically always close exciting games. Guys I’ve seen since day one and know the game so well.

Then some Elder Kraken pops in, instead owns someone with vortex banshee pounce, then talks smack like they’re better than evvvvvveryon else.

Don’t get me wrong we’ve beaten some of them, but it’s tough and you have to play almost perfect . So I can only imagine what happens to newer players or lower tier in ranking, simply because the monster can now make 90% of players a high end competitor, not through practise, but through broken combos.

If this was happening with every monster is be happy to take my losses and say I need to git gud and dodge. Alas it’s not the case as most of the matches I play in are right fun games. Golds, silver destroyers, silver elites, even silver masters.

Elder is cancerous to the player base trying to break out of bronze or have fun in quick plays. Even worse when put in the hands of someone who actually played the monster before.

And that’s what really grinds my gears :slight_smile:


Welp someone had to say it


Add Wraith, Gorgon and normal Kraken to the list as well.
Wratih and Gorgon Players are runners / “hiders” at the moment. New players dont like this.
Kraken is just a flying ass!
Elder Kraken can only be a test from the devs. No one would have buff him like he is now.

But hey at least we have Goliath who is strong and fair.


Gorgon and wraith need strikes before stage 3 to really win. If at stage one, they don’t engage, and you don’t catch them on stage 2 evolve. Just set up in a spot you like to fight. It may not be fun, but there’s a way higher chance of winning.

Krakens fine. My only piece of advice is cut its ceiling off, fight up high, hopefully you have a Maggie, and if so, have her place harpoons behind it.

Elders bad because anyone can be good with it, these other monsters do t have that. They still take skill and practise.