Please FIX behemoth freezing glitch!


Whenever I play as behemoth on ps4 the match always freezes!!! It’s so annoying and always happens so I stopped playing as behemoth and this is a slap on the face to people who bought behemoth. Honestly TRS needs to step up their game man, I’m pissed now


Lol the struggle is real, it always freezes when im winning…


I feel your pain, I can usually get a few games in as the Behemoth before the game locks on me. It’s like playing Russian roulette, I never know when it’s going to lock up; although, it’s my understanding that it mainly happens when using fissure but it seems a bit more random than that to me.


So this is a PS4-version only bug? Just asking, since I never had that happen on PC.


OMG ME TOO!!! lol we should hang out more :grin:

btw on ps4 it feels like he freezes 1 out 3 matches from my count



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The past few days Behemoth has been freezing up on my as well. I play on XB1.

It is usually when I melee he freezes with his hands in the air. Sometime it unfreezes sometimes it doesn’t.


all i know is you play behemoth expect 1 out 3-4 matches to see moon walks cause thats how every hunter dances the freezing dance :smirk: while behemoth raises his arms


:dancers: :snowflake: :smiley:

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Hello Everyone!

Sorry, we haven’t been able to update as much as we would like on this. This is a known issue on all systems that we are looking into. It should’ve been resolved in the latest patch on PC. Good news! The console fix will be coming soon. :blush:

Thank you for your patience and time.