Please fix abduction on wraith. Also - supernova tweak, maybe?

  1. Decrease supernova damage slightly, and increase the duration slightly.
  2. Fix abduction. I can’t be the only one who notices that sometimes you shoot clearly above, to the side or just in the general vicinity of a hunter, and then the hunter teleports into your arms and gets pulled back. Then at other times, you land DIRECTLY onto a hunter with abduct, slash at them, deal damage, and then fly back without taking them with you.

Abduction is not working consistently. And in my opinion, the only reason to put 3 points into abduct is to increase it’s damage - because landing a long range adbuct is like 1/20 chance. At least put a zoom on it so you can see what you’re aiming at. I’m playing on a 23 inch monitor and at abducts max range, the hunters are like 5 pixels tall. How am I supposed to land a hit on that? Also, the travel time! The time it takes for me to warp all the way out there and then grab them… they’ve already moved away from the place I was aiming at! Hunters don’t stand still like in the wraith reveal trailer man. In the reveal trailer, you see a couple hunters standing there looking at the ground, and then one of them get’s abducted. Hunter don’t stand around dude, they’re constantly moving.

Please fix abduction, if it worked consistently, I think that alone would put wraith into a good place and make her work more as they way she was intended. To take out one hunter at a time, and to pull off some creepy ninja-esque moves.


No! That would make her better and more capable of doing her role! No! We can’t have that because the other 4 players need to win! The majority of this games population needs to win more than the one fifth!

You’re dumb for asking for such reasonable things! Shame on you!



This would severely cripple Wraith in the one thing she actually got going for her, burst potential.

Yeah, that one is… very unreliable up to the point where It doesn’t even warrant one point in it until Stage 3 anymore. Way too inconsistent for what it was intended.


I think supernova would be better with a reduced cooldown so the wraith still has burst, just more often. 50% duration reduction with no benefits is pretty steep imo.


And I thought supernova was already the worst ability you could power up to its maximum potential. If anything I believe she deserves a buff.


I think they should increase the range on her traversal but it takes 2 seconds for her to use the next one