Please extend the current event to Monday 8/22


I am loving all the extra keys and character levels but sadly I work weekends and this weekend in particular I have custody of my son. I know I’m not the only person with weekend responsibilities, so if you do us all a huge solid and extend the event to include Monday, that’d be greeeaaatt.

insert meme picture here


Can’t you play when he’s asleep? Do you have to get up early for work? You could play a match or two before work and then some later before you go to sleep.


Event ends Monday 6PM BST already.


Sad to hear,i can take care of him if you want. It is free too. <3


Yeah i usually get a few matches in after work. He gets an hour on his tablet and I get an hour on the pc XD


Oh sweet! thanks for pointing that out. I will have to cram hard :stuck_out_tongue:


No offense Butthead, but your friend Beavis is super weird so I think I will pass.