Please explain to me what just happened?


I was playing a really fun match on XB1 with some skilled people when this happened. Pretty frustrating to be booted back to the menu screen and get a wait penalty after 20 minutes of hunting the monster. Not to mention the automatic loss. Here’s a video of what happened.

If the problem is what I believe it to be, and the host disconnected, that would be pretty pathetic considering I have no control over someone else leaving. Thoughts on this?



It would appear to be that you just crashed. Doesn’t look like it was Evolve’s fault though.


It happens sometimes on xbox. Some experience this more than others, but overall it doesn’t happen too often. I’ve heard that hard resetting your xbox (hold down the better button until your xbox turns off) occasionally might prevent it from happening. That’s what I’ve started to do and I’ve not experienced this in a while.


I’ve just changed this over to the bugs category so it’s more clear what the thread is about :slight_smile: Sorry that you had a crash


Yeah sadly it does happen… I’ve had it happen right after I start turning a match around after a bad first dome.


Ok thanks, I’ll try the hard reset method. I just wanted to diagnose the problem to try and prevent it from happening in the future.