[Please Explain the Criteria for Evacuation Medal of Honor]


I would love to know the details on how the medal of honor system works. I can’t imagine the system runs on damage alone.


It means you have the most impact upon the battles that go on, IE kill the most monsters, revive the most people, track the monster best.
Just a guess.


Plenty have guessed on this topic. I think we need Turtle Rock for a definitive answer.


Every time I see this question asked, no dev responds to it. Not sure why we can’t get an explanation.

My hunch, it’s the player who exceeds the global averages by the highest margin over the course of the campaign. That way, you can compare different classes.

I’ve seen just about every class win the medal, so it can’t just be highest dmg or number of monsters killed.


Heh I remember getting the award for both teams once thanks to one match on hunters. Would be interesting to know the formula.