Please don't overnerf Sunny if you nerf her. Really fun class, don't ruin it


Sunny is like one of my favorite Support/hybrid classes ever in a game and is fun to play. I’m worried all the complainers will get her nerfed too much to the point where she’s not viable anymore. Please don’t let that happen.


Her shield is in a way worse/similar to hanks.
Only thing which people are complaining about Is her nuke so maybe just a reload speed NERF or a slight damage reduction.

Don’t worry the devs are hesitant on nerfs they don’t listen to everybody screaming about it in the first week !


They nerf based on telemetry. They haven’t really over-nerfed anything (despite widespread condemnation of the wraith change).

And even with the Wraith… there’s some badass wraith players out there being champs right now.

So I wouldn’t worry too much about it.


While the damage from this is high, the biggest offender is by FAR her boost gun. Jet Boosting a trapper 100meters in the span of a couple seconds is degenerate imo :stuck_out_tongue:


Her shield and nuke are the big offenders. Nuke needs a longer reload time and shield needs a longer recharge.


While I agree it’s strong, however I think it’s very much easy to handle for the monster. But don’t give the devs to many ideas or she’ll get nerfed harder than Markovs mines and wraith put together.

Her shield recharges ‘juice’ same speed as hank only difference is you can’t destroy hanks gun.


I agree that the purpose of her gun should be to allow people to catch up and/or help avoid attacks. However, in the right hands it guarntees 100% domes every single time as well as terrible post dome follow ups. Sunny + Griffin + Val means the monster will never get away after a dome goes down.


I’ve watched fully recharge after draining in around 2-3 seconds


Reload speed perk have you not seen how fast hank recharges? It’s easy to handle it never blocks first attacks, hank can block a first attack shield drone can’t. It’s much less effective.


I just don’t want to have to take reload speed perk to stop a monster from destroying the relay.


Ya but its shielding while she’s simultaneously either pelting you with grenades or giving a boost to whoever you decided to attack. Its not the shield drone itself thats the issue, its that she can be helping the team evade at the same time


It’s only less effective because it’s not mobile and it has a line of sight. That doesn’t mean it isn’t good. If placed correctly it’s a huge pain In the butt for the monster. Also it frees Sunny up to do other things like the jetpack boost and damage.
You almost have to take quick weapon switch with Hank because the second you take the shield gun off, someone needs it.


Don’t nerf anyone just cuz just the whaaambulance crashed into the forums. Deal with it noobs.
“Deal-with-it, deal-with-it, hashtag-deal-with-it!”


Exactly it is hard to deal with sometimes and when this happens you should focus sunny her jet pack Beam isn’t a joke she’s just as effective as hank you have to focus them both at some point.


I don’t disagree with you really on the mini-nuke and the jetpack booster however I think they should be small nerfs at first. Not this over the board 30 pct stuff.


I’m always for small adjustments of many over larger spaced out ones. I just mentioned in another thread, but I would love for Sunny’s Jetpack Boost gun to only offer free ‘regular’ jetpacking, I.E. no dodging with it. This will help prevent some of the issues that I have with it I think. As for her weapon, damage or reload but not both. Or have a slower travel speed. SOmething that makes it a skill shot. I feel her drone is ok, borderline strong, but I feel most of that is just knowing the distance it reaches and working around it. It’s very strong and I hate that a pounced person next to one takes forever to kill, but ya… Not too bad I think.


I love Tiny Tina :slight_smile: She and Mr. Torgue made BL2 for me.


I think her drone just needs a health nerf, and maybe a cooldown.
And her mininuke is a tad bit spammy for my liking, but i digress, shes actually in a reasonable spot.


My favorite part of TPS is her additional narrating in the 2nd playthrough.

“Dickalicious! Ew, ew, I dunno why I said that.”


I didn’t even know that was a thing until about 5 mins in and I’m like… wait… I was doing a Let’s Play and recording but didn’t bother with second play through. Had to boot it back up again after I heard that. I also LOOOOVED Tiny Tina’s DLC. It really wrapped up the story arc, and the captured princess was a HUGE surprise haha…