Please don't be this guy!


I have come across many players that when they think they are going to lose they will just give up. (As the monster) In fact I had a game just the other day where the wraith was caught in a dome at stage 1 and immediately started chillin!! As soon as the dome went up he just stood still letting us rip through him. This kinda pissed me off because of that’s him being a poor sport. What if you were playing soccer, football, basketball or any other sport and the other team sat down on the ground and letting u score because they were losing. Would that piss you off just a little bit…

Let me know what u guys think…


I would just sit there with him. :smile:

Have a little chat. Ask him how his life is goin :smirk:


Tell him not to give up so easy as you rip his arms out from his sockets :heart_eyes:


…bruh…I’m not sure what to say.



I only did this on the trapper challenge if i was against griffon :wink:
but I normally tried to kill 3 at a time and then just stealth unstealth over and over :smiley:


Me personally I have never given up. The few deaths I’ve had as goliath have been me trying my very best riping hunter limb from limb as I go down…


I would just run around the dome and smelling + decoy spam while staying low.

If i am anything else and the spot is bad for me?KILL D FIKKING TRAPPER !


I will sometimes sit still if I join a match in progress as monster and it appears that I’m very much screwed or that the match has been going on for a decent amount of time. I have absolutely no interest in playing through a match where I can’t even pick my own skills or know what the heck has even happened during that match.

It simply isn’t fun at all for me, especially since monster is my 5th preference.


I think that’s the best feeling ever. Being domed at Stage one against a very good hunter team, little to no armor, in a wide open space with nowhere to hide. You can just forget about the late game and fight. Like a cornered animal.

It’s fun. :stuck_out_tongue:


Does no one consider that they Disconnect?

This happens to me all the time, ill be really into the match that i’m in and then i’ll lose connection,
Monster or Hunter, winning or losing,
I won’t deny they’re rage quitters out there but i get disconnected from a lot of matches so this is something to consider atm.


I think that was me…


Yeah, people do this a lot in online games, they even insult you when you try to keep playing despite the odds.


If that guy tried he might have been able to escape with only 2 bars of health lost. The dome had lots of cover to.


Sad truth is ive done that . I was a stage 1 goliath an after about 12 minutes of 2 disturbed birds 3 domes and i was STILL stage one with half health…i let it happen. Why? Because i had no chance of winning they where too good…i could never get 20 ft on them


Yea because everyone hates a free win and a free opportunity to rank up hunters…


Well, I think that out of respect and sportsmanship what you do then is finish the game giving it your best.


I’ve won games like that because it’s like “well fuck… all or nothing” and then you go rage mode on them lol.

I just get too into the monster…


I have ‘taken a knee’ before, but only when I was certain I was going to die (therefore NEVER at S1).

There was one game where I came in as Hunter and the Trapper had gone AFK or had a cardiac event or something – just standing there. We lost that round. Next round, I’m Monster; he’s Medic. I find him at the Drop Ship spawn … again, just standing there. I killed him, then I let the rest of his team have the win.


To be honest I am that guy and I do that often. I hate to do it, but I do it only to save my nerves. Let me explain why, using your sport analogy:

Well, game, you gave me five sports to choose from. I told you the order in which I prefer the sports and you keep pushing me into playing the sport I like the least. You could almost say I HATE playing it. I am bad at it, I usually get completely destroyed by the other sports, and I don’t like it.

I like playing sports where I have a real chance to win, but playing that one sport? Even if I try my best (which I always do) I have a chance to win only if the other four sports screw up badly (e.g. one of them gets eaten by a referee).

Please don’t make me play that sport. I will gladly play ANY of the other sports. If you make me play that one sport again, even though I told you repeatedly I don’t want to play it, expect me to get frustrated. Expect me to try my best again, but if things go completely bad for me as they usually do, I will leave and search for a different sport.


Even if u know your going to lose you should still fight and then finish the game and be like “that was one hell of a match” rather than like “another game lost…sigh”