Please don't add anymore


Please, I would recommend fixing other things before adding in new things. Like fixing Goliath, his charge and rock glitch, and random game crashes that cost ME points and penalize me. It always says check your network connectivity or lost connection to host but it doesn’t do it on ANY other game. Nor does my network not lose connection. I’m close to Uninstaller the game due to too many problems.


Fixes are a few months out.

P.s. goodbye threads are banned so I’d be careful with the direction of this if you care about it staying open for discussion.


Moved to Suggestions as it is a more fitting category

TRS is always working on bug fixes and balance issues. For starters it would help to open up threads on Goliath’s “charge and rock glitch” and be as descriptive as possible on each thread. This will help them find a fix for it faster and do more good.

Secondly, I strongly recommend using Quick Play rather than Ranked. Ranked is sort of the “red headed step-child” that no one likes due to it’s ineffectiveness and it’ll enhance your gameplay to just avoid the broken point system all together.

Lastly, Evolve does have connection issues, it is one of the many problems it has as for some reason Evolve will fail to notice a connection or “turn it off” in Evolve’s eyes causing a DC of sorts and blaming it on your end. This is a problem they are always looking to fix and have progressively gotten better with it over the last year.

However as @SQUARENecron it would seem the closest patch we’ll be receiving is during summer which is supposedly coming with a load of bug fixes, balance changes, content, and other things. It will be a very large update. As he also stated goodbye threads aren’t tolerated so I’d do appreciate it if you strayed a bit more away from the whole “close to uninstalling” comments or the thread will be classified as a “Goodbye” thread and be locked.

Everything is good in moderation, if the game is frustrating due to bugs or other means I encourage that you take a break until the next update or at the very least for a few days. Nothing rejuvenates your love for something like a small break from it to really remind you why you loved it so much.


Not to mention with how game development works, their studio is divided into teams which do specific jobs. One team does bug fixes, another modelling, another texturing, another animating, etcetera.

To prioritize one specific thing, in this case bugs, it would mean the complete halting of production in other teams just to teach them how to find bugs, what to do to fix them, etcetera. It’d cost more time and be more costly this way so prioritization won’t be occurring in any sense.