Please Do Not Do This


Just fought a game against Behemoth, except I might as well have been fighting a Wraith.

He did nothing but run the entire time, throwing up rock walls to hide behind (literally with his back to the dome) and then rolling away, spamming the roll melee to take down our trapper, and then jaunt into the sunset.

When we gave up and just waited at the power, he spent a good minute and a half trying to tongue grab us from several hundred meters. When that failed, he tried to drive a Megamouth over to us. And when THAT failed, he kept doing absolutely nothing but roll melee. I didn’t see another ability (apart from rock wall) for the rest of the match, and he ended it with a pounce.

Please. Don’t do this. I know you guys want to win, but it really isn’t fun. Behemoth is an in-your-face brawler. Don’t run from us at Stage 2 when you have full armor, kill us.


Goliath is the in-your-face brawler. Behemoth is a big marshmellow that needs love and support from his absentee father.


Man… I don’t know what to say here but… if you can’t cut off a Behemoth of all monsters then you need to get down the gym son.

mental note: fat hunter fan art needed


Who’s Behemoth’s father?


We got plenty of domes, but with a level 2 rock wall he could sit in a corner, roll away, spam roll attack, repeat until dome down.


We don’t know. He left when Behemoth was just an egg :frowning:


Of course we do, its a Donut.


What mode were you playing? Was it the one called hunt? And did it tell the monster to Run! Run! in when it started?