Please disable wild life buffs, they break the game SO hard :S


Theres a reason why its disabled in tournaments. Whoever thought these wild life buffs where a good idea obviously wasnt right in the head :confused:


A bit insulting but basically the truth about the buffs… They should be toned down in the next patch… a lot.


I love them. I wouldn’t be against taking them down a notch, but they add an extra quality to the game. Another facet to decide whether to fight or not. If the ranked mode they are doing doesn’t have them, I think that would be good if you don’t like them. Please don’t insult developers because you dislike something they thought would be good in the game. Some people like the buffs.


How can you like the buffs? ‘oh monster got damage increase…gg!’ like seriously? maybe +10-15%, maybe. but 35%? Thats a joke.


They hardly “break” the game. :\


Oh please. close game, slightly ahead, NOPE health regen, gg. Or dmg reduction, or dmg increase. f*ck wild life buffs man. for real. I would still be playing this game right now if it wasnt for those horribly shit buffs. Costum games with no buffs are SO much better, but unfortunately not everytime my friends are on at the same time.


what? you sure?


I really like the additional strategy they add, but they do break the game far too much towards skilled monster players.

Here’s my recommendations, as a monster & hunter player:

  • Reduce the % change by half for most of the buffs. Reaver buff is
    fine, Animal sense is also fine.
  • Make the spawns more randomized, to prevent predictable outcomes & pathing
  • Make sure there’s more than one spawn for each type of buff
  • Monster loses their perk, either completely or the time is reduced by 2 minutes when they evolve. (This would not only encourage players to engage before evolving, but also prevent those really fast stage one monsters from getting too far ahead once they hit stage 2.)


Take the buffs out all together. They dont belong in a competitive game.


Saying something breaks the game implies it is not functioning as intended. A glitch that caused you to crash breaks the game, a buff that a handful of people disagree with isn’t breaking anything. If the developers decide it is not working as they intended they will adjust it.


Sounds like a lot of rage from someone who lost to a buff…

I don’t think they break it too hard, sure I would probably prefer they were weaker but… Meh, nothing to get ragey over


I like the idea of wild life buffs, but would like the numbers to be made smaller.


You cant win vs a buff. Im an average monster player, if I pick up dmg increase/decrease I just laugh. I dont care anymore, Ill engage and win, easily. Theres no tactic or strategie anymore, I dont even have to use my head anymore once I get that buff, just go ‘hahahahahaha pew pew pew - win’ such balance.


Have you ever even TRIED to deny a buff? It is possible.

I could say perks break the game as well. easy mode when i have ability cooldown and kraken!


Deny a buff, lol. Sure, lets camp this health regen! While in the meanwhile the monster gets a free stage 3 because hunters cant destroy a corpse…


I mean yeah, deny it. Maybe send some people to check him out. Also, a monster damage bonus is not gg. Its just time to change your tactic


There are time when buffs benefit the hunters more than the monster, like if a medic dies and you have a low health teammate, go grab the health regen so you can still keep tracking him and the one who had little health will not die in one hit.


Check him out, if he has a brain and notices one of you is away, its 3v1, goodluck with that. And change your tactic? To run away for 2 minutes so he can evolve for free?


From my understanding the support can bring a predator towards the corpse with the buff, cloak, and then wait for the predator to eat the corpse in like twenty seconds. Other then that I think they need to tone it down a bit. People keep suggesting that the buff equals that to a three star perk which I think would be really good.


I didn’t say one goes. And yes, run away while making sure he does not get to you to fight.