Please Developers! We need an actual Ranking System!


For a very competitive game like Evolve there has to be an actual ranking system. Honestly the leaderboards are absolutely terrible. No one cares about how many wins they have, what we care about is how good someone is. Wins are not the whole picture we need a rating system in place. That way we know who is the best and who isn’t. It also gives us a sense of accomplishment. Look at all the popular competitive games out there right now. Almost all of them have sometime of rating system. League of Legends, DOTA 2, SC2, CS:GO, etc.

Please developers! Please! Idc if it’s not in the launch of the game, but please add a ranking system soon! It can be as simple as a number. There doesn’t have to be leagues we just need something.


I think it could be cool in a game like Evolve. The only obstacle I can see is how to get it to function in such an asymmetrical team setup. To have a general number or division is not feasible considering the monster and the hunters. Do you have any ideas?

I am all for having special rewards in a ranked scene though.


Maybe ranking each class individually?


Monster and hunters should have separate ratings. At max level there is a ranked mode where you can queue as monster or hunter. Hunters are similar enough you don’t need to make different categories for them as well if you did it would take way to long for a game.


Ok that is actually more simple than I thought XD. I guess the suggestion you propose is just a more fleshed out version of the current leaderboards? Its up to the devs on how far they want to take it.


Yeah pretty much. There has to be a better ranking system in a competitive game like this. If there is not then I have no reason to play. Because I will never know how good I am compared to other players.