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Sorry for the bad quality, had to record my screen with my phone because any capture software/screenshots don’t notice it

I don’t know what’s wrong with my laptop but every time I play video games, this keeps happening, and it’s extremely annoying. It’s not all the time though, I’ll get moments where the game looks perfectly fine, then this happens

Edit: I’ve just noticed that switching the game to Windowed(Fullscreen) fixes the problem at the cost of performance


What are your laptop specs?


GeForce GTX 980M
(I also have a Intel® HD Graphics 530), but I’m certain my laptop is using the GTX 980M
Intel® Core™ i7-6700HQ CPU @ 2.60Ghz
1920x1080, 60Hz
Windows 10
Game video settings: Everything on Very High with SMAA 1X
V-Sync: off
Average fps: about 60-70fps


The entire game does this right? Not just the opening animation?


Yes it sometimes happens in game, even in the options menu you can still see half of the previous frames where the descriptions flicker as you move the mouse over different options. Like I said, it’s not all the time but it happens. The framerate doesn’t lower whenever it happens


What are your temps when this happens?


Temperature?.. I don’t know



I’m wondering if it’s overheating for some reason.


You can alt+tab.


Ok this is what happened: I started a custom match and tried to pick characters that make a lot of particle effects (Hyde/R.Val/Hank/Abe/M.Golaith) the problem happened at the very start of the game where my GPU was at 60c, but it never occured again during the round where the highest temp recorded was 81c


So the issue went away while playing?


In this case yes, it was only a quick round of Arena but it has happened before where where I jump out of the dropship, the problem occurs then goes away for about 5 minutes, then it would randomly appear whilst I’m walking around the map, then stop again.


I’m worried that your gpu is overheating or dying, but it may be something else entirely.

You can wait for a dev response or try finding a reddit pc sub and see if they know.


Dying? I’ve only just brought my PC at the end of April, I haven’t been overclocking it and I’m sure my GPU can handle all of my games I play on Ultra so I don’t see why it would be degrading already


Like I said it could be something else entirely. I can’t think of what that could be though.