Please consider making the round timer "unpause" more quickly after fights

In a number of matches now, I have gone through the tedium of a Wraith player spamming Decoy and dragging matches out forever at Stage 3 when the hunters are defending the relay. In these situations the Wraith is unwilling to actually fight, so it just pokes here and there and spams Decoy at every opportunity. This is fine in theory, because eventually the hunters should win via timer. In practice, however, when this happens the match can be dragged out for a very long time because it takes too long for the timer to “unpause” after the monster has disengaged from combat. I think the developers should seriously consider having this timer reset more quickly than it currently does. I’ve had matches go almost 40 minutes because of Wraith players doing this; a smart player could possibly keep this process up indefinitely from what I have seen, which just becomes a war of attrition to see which team gets bored first and gives up.

TLDR: Please consider making the timer continue to count down more quickly after the monster disengages from combat.


I actually wouldn’t mind this… I’ve had monsters troll my team, by intentionally staying in combat; just to fuck with us.


Yeah it does feel like a long time before the timer starts again. Does anyone know how long it is between fights before the timer starts going down again?


I am hoping for this too. It feels like it takes a good 5 seconds for it to start ticking again and the amount of Monsters, especially Krakens just flying around, getting armour just so they can rekill dropping hunters is becoming so annoying.


Glad to see others are the same page here.

@MacMan Is this something you might consider? I don’t know how long it currently takes for the timer to continue after disengagement, but it currently seems excessive and that monster players (especially Wraith) can really drag matches out too long.

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It feels like a lot more than 5 seconds. I’d say more like 15-20 seconds, but that could just be “Hunter time” (everything feels so much longer).

I had yet another match last night where a Wraith drew out the last minute and a half for a good six minutes at the relay fight. It was really boring, and even when we tried to force engagements, the Wraith would flee. If it wasn’t inside the dome, it would use Decoy after every CD so it would come inside and hit us to keep the timer paused.

It’s incredibly boring and/or frustrating when a Wraith is playing like that, or a monster in general is doing it to be a troll and waste your time.

I’d love to see the timer initiate sooner for all those horribly drawn out matches, but not something too short that it’s unfair for the monster in an actual fight. I don’t know if this could be an issue for a monster dodging damage in a dome, though. Maybe just 3 seconds sooner would be good enough?

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just make it that decoy doesnt stop the timer


Yeah, I think Decoy might be the route cause of this issue, because it lets the Wraith safely “engage” the hunters while not risking the Wraith taking any damage. Fixing this might honestly be enough to solve the problem.

Again, I’m glad to see I’m not alone in having experienced this nonsense.

never had that with any other monster so decoy is the only thing in my eyes

Plus you have those hunters who keep shooting the monster, keeping the timer from going down.

you re crying because of a wraith spamming decoy but come on making the timer start up more early is not fair for the monster, when you disengage to refill your armor that timer is obnoxious and it can take up to 2 min if the food is scarce and playing either goliath or behemoth

This can be a problem, although I don’t think it should be, as shooting the monster should never be a penalty as far as I’m concerned. But in my experiences even when our group made it a point not to shoot the monster, he was able to really drag the match out with Decoys.

So you approve of the scenario I outlined in my original post? You think things are ok as is?

FYI I’m mostly a monster player, but when I do play hunter I’d rather not have to deal with a 45 minute match where a Wraith player is just abusing the timer mechanics with Decoy.

i admit that it is pretty bonkers but tweeking things because of one scenario while the others are fine is not justifiable, it is only one scenario

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I don’t see the problem. Any monster player who isn’t just running like a bitch all game shouldn’t have an issue with the timer.

if “running like a bitch” is your way to say monsters trying to win against difficult and good huntersyeah it can be a problem, if the monster wins just fine i don t care and i am a monster player and i ran into difficult positions and nearly lost because of the timer

The monster already has free reign of the map at stage 3. If the timer is an issue the monster is being too greedy/slow about its feeding, or just running like a coward. I’m not sympathetic to either scenario.

wanting a full armor with goliath and behemoth can be tough sometimes when the food is very scarce or only 1 2s food have spawn, you can t joke with the hunters sometimes, they are enough hunters that can destroy your armor pretty fast before you get to kill one, and i ve died because of the timer being near under 1 min (had to finding and go face the hunters) and my health was pretty low and the hunters didn t have many strikes

I like the idea of Decoy not pausing the timer, but how will that affect the game? And is it fair? And can they even code that, since once one side takes damage within 70m, “combat” is engaged?

It forces the Wraith to have to use other skills or melee in unison with Decoy (like Supernova) if they want to play like that. She is a hit-and-run, and without changing the pause timer, she’ll still have time to armor up, dodge around, and it won’t affect the other monsters.

However, it hurts a Wraith player who chooses to go full Decoy at Stage 1. Is that a big deal? I believe players should be able to build their monsters however they want to without being punished. I think every monster can go with all points into a single skill at Stage 1 and have a use for it. If Decoy didn’t initiate combat, that seems to be unfair for them (at least until Stage 2).

@thegamer118 We’re suggesting Decoy not initiate combat mode alone, or that the pause on the timer disengage sooner. I normally don’t have a problem with it, and yes, it is purely a situational issue, which makes it not a major problem. However, with how often it does occur in PUGs, it does ruin the experience for a lot of people. Hence changing it for Decoy only and leaving the timer alone, so you don’t make it more beneficial for the Hunters and less so for all monsters.

if it only affects on decoy then i m fine but if it s global then i have an issue with it

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