Please consider making the next medic an incredibly senile and hilarious old guy voiced by Arin Hanson



Nah I’d vote for gilbert Gottfried to do the voice acting ^.^


Does he love those cranberries?


Better he read 50 shades of grey for college humor… The tears of laughter were real…



Oh, sorry… it told me to eep out so… I eep-ed my heart out.


I’d vote for Hugh Larie as our new medic


Can someone post a video of said voice actor? O.o
Not sure specifically which voice.


Clearly, you are not a game grumps fan.


I would die if Gibert Gottfried did a voice for this game. I would just like the wildlife to all have his voice, like all of the wildlife.


I’m sorry but if a mammoth bird came running at me that was screaming like Gilbert Gottfried I’d die. :joy:


Imagine Dan as a medic. He’d fit it more. Aron would be assault. He’d die and be yelling obscenity while fighting, then we’d have Dan being all “hey man it’s okay. Fuck him up man, fuck him up” (bonus if Jon was trapper. he could be a crow ripoff and through Jaque


haha I would love this! Why can’t this be a thing it would be the best!


Oh my god… What if all the hunters talked like gilbert Gottfried XD
I wouldn’t be able to play I’d just be dying the whole game…
Just imagine every hunter convo you’ve ever heard in Gottfried’s voice :joy:


I want all the voices in this game to be gilbert!! I would never be able to play without laughing :joy:


I’m sure there can be a mod for the PC but as for us? Sigh, it’ll only be in our imagination xD


I think I’d rather drag my balls through broken glass than suffer a character voiced by that obnoxious e-celeb fuck.


…That was a little… Uncalled for. o_o


Agreed. @Tectonic_Knight try not to call anyone names even if they’re not here on the forums. We try to keep the forums clean and free from harassment and/or hate.


Saying this right now: If by some miracle TRS actually manages to make DLC that changes all voices and sounds to Gilbert Gottfried’s voice I will pay good money for that. Just imagine:


His online name is Egoraptor and he created the Awesome Series and Sequilitis. He does the voice of 1 trainer and Pokemon in this video. I was going to post Awesome Man because he does the voice of a crazy old man but it has blurred “parts” in it which is not something I would post willy nilly on the forums. But Awesome Man is pretty funny and only 45 seconds.