Please Change Win Streak


Edit: Thanks to a suggestion by @XplosionIncorporated, my opinion has changed to favor instead the option of being able to turn winstreak visibility on/off, preferably with the default set to off for new players, maybe a tooltip (if it isn’t too much trouble) for players who have already begun playing Stage 2.

Go into a match, see Monster with 12 wins, or 3-4 Hunters with a 10 win streak, it has an effect on you. Possibly the wrong one. To allies, you get a feeling of “maybe my teammate(s) know what they’re doing”. Showing to the enemy only has two possible effects: galvanizing them into a more competitive style of action or demoralizing them into possibly disliking the game.

EDIT: [quote=“XplosionIncorporated, post:2, topic:92705, full:true”]
I don’t think it should be removed, but maybe an option to hide win streaks so you don’t have to be demoralized if you see a monster on an 87 win streak.

I believe that is a valid point, and one which I will now advocate, for potential change to Win Streaks. If I’m in charge of whether or not I see the win streak, I would not complain.

As always, thanks for reading my topic :slight_smile:

@TheMountainThatRoars - I would appreciate it if you tagged an appropriate Dev in this, as I don’t frequent the forums and the only Dev I ever call on is MacMan and I feel bad for solely calling on him and using his limited time on all my questions/suggestions.


I don’t think it should be removed, but maybe an option to hide win streaks so you don’t have to be demoralized if you see a monster on an 87 win streak.


Win streaks provide more keys witch are apparently hard to grind

they also can make a player proud :wink:


I don’t mind being proud or earning more keys, I just dislike the negative impact portion of how it affects the game and gameplay and the community.

@XplosionIncorporated I’d like that, if I’m in charge of hiding win streaks then I don’t get to complain when I see them. Will edit main post to reflect your idea.


In what way is giving a player a little sentence at the start of the game?

how does that effect anything?


win-streaks were a thing before stage 2

they just werent as visible as now :slight_smile:


I had a Val in my team on a 16 win streak, when we lost you can be sure the flaming that started was just beyond ridiculous


For example, if I come in and I’m freshly ready to start the day, happy about playing. I queue with a friend or two, and we get into a match hunter side. We don’t have a win streak yet, but I look at the Monster and he’s got an… idk, 56 win streak.

Sure, myself and my team might be put on our toes and try harder than normal. Being fair, average players just joining without lots of skill from hours played in the game might see that and say “oh look, we just got on today and we’re already going to lose”

Also, I didn’t play PvP from around June last year till it just hit Evolve Stage 2.


Never saw that happen in the 1 year of playing evolve


i dont look at win streaks. they mean almost nothing,
they give keys at the end of the game, that all i care about.

also, if that makes you worse/ tryhard, think that he won all the games becouse of bad hunters, and you aren’t a bad hunter are you?

just dont overthink it, its just a number


How are people bothered by their own respective opinion of a monster/hunter being OP?

While it doesn’t effect anything, does it really matter that a “hide winstreak option” can’t be added?


it could be added but i have no idea why it whould
honestly it dosend do anything,
Whenever i play against lets say… Gorgon (my second main)

Im sure of myself and try my hardest to keep up with a higher lvl team, or carry a lower lvl team

Its all up to the player not the “On a 10 game win streak!” :blush:


I don’t overthink it but just think about how much it matters to people who just show up and don’t know the game well enough to combat a threatening Monster player with a high win-streak who also don’t know that

“winstreak doesn’t matter, it’s just extra keys at the end of a match”


Thats like saying that we need to remove higher class vegeratian restaurants becouse people new to vegetarianism wont be able to use them yet :stuck_out_tongue:

Think about it
(dont overthink it)


I just read this

If anything it whould make me even more determined to win and try harder :slight_smile:


Sir, try to understand from the POV of a fresh player. I dunno winstreak is worthless. I dunno anything. Monster has a 12~ winstreak (slightly believable starting numbers) and we go into the match and get rekt because we’re fresh and don’t know ins and outs. We see more people with X winstreak. Demoralization. leads to playerbase drop. Leads to no console update.

I think having an option not to have to see winstreak is more than fair, or to remove it, or to make it so only you/your allies can see it.

  1. M’Lady :stuck_out_tongue:

  2. So tell me how is a disable winstreak option gonna help in anyway?
    if they dont know why whould they look for a disable option?
    a new player whouldn’t search the options to turn the “demoralizing” winstreak off
    he whould know there is one or that a thread such as this one exists

they whould just keep playing untill they are the one with a winstreak. :slight_smile:


Sir is just a sign of respect for me. I’d probably use Miss for yourself and other females. In my internet travels (and not yours or anyone elses) I have met mostly males or females at least pretending to be males. Once corrected, I switch my words, also out of respect.

It probably wouldn’t be very hard to set it to default “off” and then players who would want to actually see the winstreaks could go into settings and manually turn it on, miss.

Also, pretty likely that if they like the game enough that they would watch someone else play or talk about it and hear that seeing winstreaks is possible, and then be able to turn it on themselves (if they wanted to)


Win streaks didnt matter for me when i was lvl 1 and they still dont :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s perfectly fine, because I would rather it be an option now that Xplosion suggested it. That way it wouldn’t affect you or anyone else who wanted it on whatsoever going forward, and anyone who wanted them off could have their way as well.

In fact, i’ll edit the title and my OP to read that i’d rather it be changed into an option rather than simply removed like my OP said.