Please change the primal skins


I dont like how they look like at all, the gold+black doesnt fit, and i prefer the elite skin: its simplistic and still pretty neat

So heres my suggestion: At lvl 40 you can select one skin, and modify that skin: you can change its main, secondary and third colour. This would be more interesting imo and it would show that you know your shit

Second suggestion: Change the primal skin itself: its the elite skin, then give it mby a scar and some few colour changes

These are just some suggestion but i just want the primal skins to be changed

Regards, Radicator


I dislike how all skins look. At level 40 we should be able to pick ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’ skin
it would be skin that only smart people could see.


One single tear of joy went down my tear when i saw this

Sadly no one would see the skin tho :7


I totally guarantee smart people would see it. I will make it myslef,send me some silver keys so i can buy materials.
Here is picture of how it would looks like skin is in right corner:

Picture from different angle:

It is far on left


Prime skins look epic man, that’s all I ever see people use with Level 40 monsters whether new players or veterans. I don’t think there’s a better combo then Gold+Black.


Primal skins look terrible


i like primal skins but the Elite/Albino skins are just so badass! (Looking at you Kelder)


If they’re going to mess with the Elite skins, I’d rather they just add the old Elite skins in as a level 30 reward.


Those could be a level 20 reward.


Ppl were talking about primal not elite skins xP



Primal skins are AWESOME! It really look like Primal. What can be more badass for killing machine than combination of black and gold?.. :slight_smile:
…well, if maybe black and red. But black and gold still awesome :slight_smile:


black and neon pink :^) black goes with every bright color except capuccino and light purple


Black and red would be cooler imo


Well, for monsters its either showing elite status, and what can show it better than gold? :slight_smile: Or show badass status, which would be color of blood :slight_smile: And yeah, black as main color is just generally good :slight_smile:

Guess it could be combination of black, gold and red. But it harder combine to make it look really good.


I actually love the Primal skins but is all down to preference. You will be glad to hear that in the future they may add some kind of prestige that will allow you to get certain characters up to ridiculous levels and presumably get unique skins.


So sorry for the derail buuut HAPPY BIRTHDAY FELLOW BUTTHEAD!


I mean… if you don’t like Primal, but you really like Elite, then just pick the one you like. I absolutely love the Primal skins.


Happy unbirthday to you too!


Ayyy hi grizzle, love your vids!

Anyway to topic, im glad to see this, i do like the golaith prime i admit, but the rest seem…eh, especially wraiths imo
Im looking forward to this system tho! Thanks for letting me know