Please change idle requirements


I go into menu for 10 seconds I end up idle. But my trapper can stand at the drop zone for 17 minutes and not go idle? I am pretty sure the guy was asleep or something. Is there a way that someone would be forced into idle if they didn’t pick their character and forced into idle if they don’t do anything for 30 seconds?


Idling needs to be looked at if you ask me. Which you didn’t, but whatever. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think twenty seconds, around that, is good for triggering idle. And more than four minutes idling should result in a kick.


Agreed. I have people coming into the game and decide to go AFK until there is a dome. Like I have to play the ‘hunt’ part of the game by myself. Grr.


Right after making this thread we got another AFK trapper in a completely different game. We won both. They were really bad behemoths but still sitting around for 20 minutes poking a monster is booooring.