Please change hunter dialogue "Firing on the Monster!"


Does anyone else hate the fact that the hunters will say “firing on the monster” when they are just shooting random wildlife? I have had several matches where I am bringing up the rear of the group (as medic), the trapper and assault are tracking the monster down, I shoot a reaver, and my character yells out something about the monster causing my teammates at the front of the pack to stop and backtrack thinking the monster circled around.

This causes a huge setback in catching the monster and is no fault or no control over the player controlling the hunter. I really wish TRS would patch this - just take out that dialogue. Surely the game mechanics/AI knows the difference between the monster and wildlife.

Is it just me? Does everyone else just ignore that dialogue? I just find it very misleading & distracting.



I just quip to the other hunters that I was just lying (if my character said it), or I tell my teammates to stop lying to us (if one of their characters said it), in a joking fashion of course! LOLZ.



I get this too but doesn’t cause me too much of a problem, I just tend to ignore any in game dialogue indicators like that and rely on pings from teammates :blush:

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Technically everything on shear is a big bad monster lol



Pretty sure val and caira say it sometimes when healing. odd.

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I like it when I pull out my medgun and Val screams the same thing when I light up Hyde with healing goodness.

I feel like I should apologize to them.

Maybe if they waited until they saw what the projectile hit, then do the callout, that would make more sense. As it is, I believe most characters shout when they fire (and then there’s some algorithm that determines whether or not they’re “shooting at the monster”. Maybe it thinks they’re in combat or close to the monster?). Either way, this would be anywhere between a small code change to a large refactoring of their “characters talking” code.

Since it is so minor, I would not expect it to be fixed for a very long time. In the mean time, bear with it and smile whenever you insult your teammates accidentally.

Or maybe Val is just blind? But Griffin talks about killing wildlife if you plant a sensor… sigh





I use a mic so those things don’t happen.



Hunters only say that if the monster is near.



Sometimes When I deploy turrets av Bucket, he yells “firing on the (name of monster)” or “engaging the (name of monster)”. And it does not matter where the monster is and it is annoying.