Please buff+ wasteland maggie


Since the last patch till today… wasteland Maggie has the dumbest DPS in the game with the ridiculous burst gun that shoot like a freaking bb toygun… coupled with the only 1 trap can be deployed and easily breakable and useless daisy it’s already horrid in playing waggie in this patch

Maybe increase her DPS a bit so it balance with the DOT dmg not constantly dmg 5 for the bullet and DOT like 3 dmg which practically a joke. Renegabe got better DOT then her wtf

And also at least 2 deloyable trap will be sufficient for her so she to bind the monster effectively… even OG Maggie has 3 deployable trap… as for daisy I don’t know maybe fix her A.I better

I hope this suggestion gets thru dev…


For now I consider Wasteland Maggie the worst trapper.

Don’t know if need a complete rework, I do know the A.I of Daisy is REALLY bad.


The assault does more damage than the trapper? Whaaaa?


Wasteland is easily worst Trapper. Her gun and snare do poor damage and the snare is mediocre CC at best. And Daisy’s AI is atrocious so she’s immediately useless.


maybe not that same dmg as renegabe granted he is an assault but a 3 dmg DOT. that’s low and only last what 3 sec


Thank God I used the 10x weekend to get her to Elite using bot matches, so I don’t ever have to do it in PvP.