Please buff sneak pounce!


Wouldn’t it be cool if you could sneak pounce someone and then drag their body behind cover to whoop on them?


…Yes. This, this so much. Finally years of stealthing skills acrued from Splinter Cell, Dishonored, Deus Ex and the like will come into play. :smirk: It would be a delicate balance, but I like the idea.


That would make it scary lol


Buff stealth pounce by keeping the hunter in first person as the monster pounces them.

Just imagine a lovely day, having a peaceful day on Shear, and then a Wraith shows up out of nowhere abducts you into the darkness and forces you to look into its eyes/face while it tears you apart. :grinning:


Can’t Behemoth basically do this? Albeit reversed.


I would like to drag any hunter in the water or in a dark cave. Won’t that be fun?


Dragging hunters into the water? You trying to give me a heart attack? Fuck that till nopeville


indeed. Sneak Pounce needs an AOE knockback so other hunters can’t just shoot their pounced teammate right away.


It doesn’t really need to be harder to interrupt, when this made a difference it would just be cheesy.


One bullet. Just one. Will stop it.


Lol unless said creature starts dragging the hunter around terrain.

I think he was replying to the guy who asked for AOE knock back when a hunter gets sneak pounced so he wouldn’t be shot off immediately.


Ooooooh. Thank you for pointing out my mistake. My bad, @Galgus


I want to be able to grapple someone, then run around. Like grab the medic and take off with him, hop a huge building and King Kong that bitch. Hurl him off into a Tyrant pit and beat my chest like a beast.


I was kinda hoping for an ability like that but it would be either broken or useless.


lol toooo much


You gotta admit it would be funny as hell if you snagged a medic and started running across the map with him, the whole time he’d be shooting you in the face with a pistol of course but it would be fun. XD


Meant to be replying to OP, realizing it wasn’t clear.


Dishonored you say?! I love you.

Back to the original post, personally I don’t think pounce needs a buff since I already over-abuse the crap outta it in combat (sometimes downing the entire team with it WHILE DOMED). But I will agree it would be super fun to just… drag them away kicking and screaming… it’s like a horror movie and you’re the maniac with the machete… or the claws… or the big red nose dragging children down into the sewer. Bonus points to whoever knows what I’m referencing on that last one :wink:


High five. Dishonored was the best!

Also, I feel like it should be reworked. I think the pounce should only work if the Monster is not in combat mode, OR there is ONLY one Hunter standing. This way you could make Evolve a lot more stealth, cunning, cheeky focused for Monsters, remove pounce-spam in battles, and still let the Monster have his advantage.

And the Monster can’t pounce if he’s been damaged in the past two seconds, or something.


But pouncing in a dome as Wraith sounds like it would be fun.