Please buff Hyde, he really needs it (Mods I'm serious not sarcasm)

The problem was that another regular thought this was sarcasm and he changed the title lol

and Parnell too, I love playing Parnell.

Parnell is pretty decent right now, he’s just inconsistent. He has high burst potential, but needs to be in the right place to deal it. He’s also easily countered, and easily pounced. Doesn’t make him bad, just not efficient in his damage.

You should probably answer the question, @Azmi_Anuar. o.O
I’m not sure if you’re actually serious about Hyde either.

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Surprised you didn’t know yet. You’ve been around for awhile. ^.-

me too, yesterday I learned that @sledgepainter is a girl, me and Shin and the longest argument about it.
today I learned that Indonesia has a lot of bottleneck highways.

SledgePainter, not hammer. ^.-


Alright, I’m going to assume you are indeed serious about this.

In which case, absolutely not. Hyde needs no buffs at all.


Markov, then Torvald, ad then think about Parnell. He’s not used much, due to his inconsistent damage. Though I kind of like him as he is, but some people want him tweaked.
Lennox/Hyde are fine as they are.

So it begins…


Lennox and Hyde are perfectly balanced, in my opinion. Torvald needs a slight bump and Markov needs more than a slight bump. Parnell is fine too, I think.

Parnell just tends to be either strong (on par with Hyde/Lennox, or slightly further), or down to Markov’s level. He’s the type that has higher potential than the rest, but can also be very bad if played wrong, or if countered by the monster.

I believe Markov’s lighting gun could use a little tweak :sweat_smile:

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Change markovs lightning gun to fire and make the mines toxic mines and then he will be balanced… :stuck_out_tongue:


that auto correct I swear. . XD

I think Markov is a great assault. He’s actually my favorite with Lennox a a close second. I love quick switch with him.

“Oh no I’m out of Lightening”
quick switch
“Oh no I’m out of Bullets”
Quick Switch
'Oh no! I’m killing the monster!"
Quick Switch
“I win :3”


More than a little. Compare it to the other weapons… Low clip, long charge, low damage, short range. All of these negative effects, for an auto aim? -.-
His damage needs buffed.

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Yeah I have to agree.

Absolutely, it is the least threatening weapon in the game right now. A good Abe will do more damage with crits. :stuck_out_tongue:

Except Medic weapons of course. O.o

Parnell is kinda like Wraith. If the enemy screws up, he can capitalize, and it’s essentially gg. Against a good team there is no coming back from half your health gone in one engage with no strikes.

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@Shin @Azmi_Anuar
I knew that @ToiletWraith is a girl, I just didn’t know you are gay :smile: