Please Buff Behemoth/ Un Nerf


Behemoth either needs a speed buff or to have his stamina un nerfed. He cannot keep up with hunters or many different wildlife. Also I know this has been a problem since it came out but please fix his rolling so he doesnt get stuck on everything. Also dont tell me to just use tongue grab because that ability is only useful with two points in it and im not gonna was those kinda points with a situational ability. Also do not tell me to just use movement speed or traversal character perk because you shouldnt have to pick a perk to make a monster uncrippled


I asked Macman to undo the stamina cost nerf no clue if he saw it, the code changes to rolling over objects wont be here for ages my estimate would be 3 months minium for fixing stuff like that since it involves code.


I absolutely agree. Movement speed is pretty much mandatory on Behemoth. He’s just no fun at all without it and no monster should be forced to pick a specific perk to compensate for his shortcomings. Also the stamina/roll nerf was completely unnecessary garbage and should be reverted. It’s downright terrible and doesn’t make any sense at all! There is a reason why nobody is picking Behemoth in tournaments.

Also Rock Wall needs to be fixed. Currently it still has gaping holes in it when you cast it in close quarters. Wildlife and hunters can block a portion of the wall, if they happen to stand at the location of the wall when it’s casted. This is a no-go.

Casting Lava Bomb also feels so unresponsive and clunky… Me sad Behemoth…and we also need a Behemoth emote here on the forums :wink:


There is a reason why he is so slow.

His spammy role smack combo was absurd but I do feel like the major damage decrease to just rolling was a bit much.

The reason why he isn’t picked in tourneys is because of the main reason why Lazarus isn’t picked… buggy moments that can ruin a whole match.

Bugs trumps any and all skills when they kick in at the worst possible time.


The speed was nerfed due to chaining attacks alongside the attack coming out of spin - It was stated, and always planned, that it would be reversed when it was corrected. It has since been corrected, or will be next patch can’t remember, so more players are requesting the nerf to be removed. I don’t have behemoth so not sure if its been fixed or not, I just follow the info on occasion since I plan to buy him soon.

Though to be precise, it wasn’t his speed nerfed, but the way his stamina is drained. I believe it takes quite a bit of stamina just to start the roll so this has the unfortunate side effect of people not being able to eat on the run as much as goliath or wraith. This also causes issues when they nick the edge of something and it stops his movements so they have to stop and start the roll again. This reduces his ability to travel.


Rock Wall is not meant to be used as a close-range cast. If you find a group of hunters becoming a little too ‘friendly’, cast the wall behind them and punish them with lava bomb, fissure, and melee.

As for the revertion of nerfs to traversal perk, I agree, although I am sure that could be more directed at the likes of Wraith.

Rolling I also agree on. Behemoth is a 10-20 ton giant rock monster, and he is ROLLING over a Hunter. I know video games don’t always bene to physics, but…considering…


Rock Wall is meant to erect a wall at the location you casted it, regardless of the range. The fact that it has more holes than swiss cheese in it if you cast it close range only tells you the ability is bugged/not working correctly, not that it’s not supposed to be used at close range.


I think if he gets any buffs folks will be screaming OP. He’s insane.


Movement is hardly a “required perk”. No one is forcing you to take it and Behemoth while having his current shortcoming is still plenty good at what he does.

I actually find myself on a regular basis taking climb speed because it makes a HUGE difference in both fights and traversing a map but stamina recharge rate is also good plus feed speed. It isn’t good to exaggerate things you know :wink:

Next his rock wall isn’t meant to be cast in CQ right next to you. If the wall vanishes that means it was clipping an object that had no way to be moved forcibly at the moment. One of the best ways to make a huge gap between you and hunters is line up a long range rock wall while waiting for your stamina to come back.

Also, nothing is stopping you from being at least a little sneaky while you regain your stamina. Lastly, his lava bomb is plenty responsive; just because you can’t aim it like a rock throw doesn’t mean it is unresponsive.

While I too want his stamina nerf to go away but that doesn’t mean his current state in unplayable nor lacking in the fun factor. It just requires a little more discipline than the other monsters when using his traversal.


And if one was to cast it under themselves? I know that’s a stretch of what you mean. My definition of ‘close-range’ may differ from your definition of close-range, because I never fire, nor feel the need to fire, a Rock Wall only a meter or two before me.


I’m sorry for folks so still thinks Behemoth is very weak right now. He has a few bugs with him, but nothing makes completely useless.

Never have problems with lava bombs, they work fine and the only reliable ability Behemoth has to start off.
Fissure is fine but I’ve seen many people use it wrong.
Rock wall is fine when you make sure you do not use right in front of your face.
Tongue grab is fine, but I’ve never use it really.

Yes I do believe stamina needs a slight tweak, but lets not bring it back to the point where we got heavy/roll spammers again.

Have success with the perks of damage bonus, damage resistance, cooldown reduction, stamina increase, and smell range.


HES ALREADY SO BEAST HE NEEDS A NERF IF ANYTHING…15 bars of freakin health…out of all 4 monsters behemoth is the only one that gives me any trouble


What do you usually play? For me, rather face a Behemoth than a Kraken anyday of week till Kraken fix. He needs that Health bar and armor, he can’t jump, fly, or dash like the other monsters.


WTF, like really? Add a minimum cast range if you don’t want it to be cast underneath the monster. Problem solved.

You’re not supposed to cast it close range anyway!” is no excuse for an ability not working correctly.


Sure, he works with other perks, such as +damage, traversal speed but I feel like movement speed is currently the most valuable out of them, simply because it allows you to cover more distance. It’s certainly one of the best perks for Behemoth, if not THE best, hence pretty much mandatory imho. Preferences I suppose…

Dude seriously. Rock wall is supposed to erect a wall without any gaping holes in it, regardless of where you cast it. Period. There is no room for debate here. It is supposed to work and it simply doesn’t when cast in close quarters because it’s just unreliable as hell. This isn’t up for debate and while “you’re not supposed to cast it close range anyway” might comfort you, it doesn’t comfort me. Players should be able to use it everywhere they want to. There is neither an official statement, nor is it anywhere in the tooltip that says explicitly Rock Wall isn’t supposed to be cast close range and this is why we wanted it to have gaping holes in it, so please stop those lame excuses. The ability is currently broken and this needs to be fixed. Period.

The stamina nerf was completely garbage, too. I understand why they did it, but since they fixed heavy melee spam by now, they should revert the dumb stamina drain as promised.


The traversal drain hit him hard. It’s manageable but definitely noticeable. My 2c.


Even if they added a minimum cast range I would doubt that it would stop the problems of casting it at close ranges. Whether one is “supposed to cast it at close range anyway!” is as equal as an excuse for “it’s not working at close ranges!” because if it isn’t working at the range you’re firing it at, you’re too close.

If you can’t cast the Rock Wall 2 meters in front of Behemoth, try to do so a little preemptively. I used to try to cast Rock Walls close to myself as well.


Hmmm let’s see. Rock wall vanishes because it is clipping an object that it can’t forcibly move this it breaks.

Next time try not to cast it right under then get mad because it breaks. I use rock wall every game and I know that you saying it is unreliable as hell is an extreme over exaggeration to say the least. TRS have said plenty of times they are still playing with the code to see what they can do but have also said that WE need to be wary of where we place the wall in the first place.

I have gotten a complete feel for rock wall and the closest you can cast it to yourself is a good 2.5 meters in front of you. Keeping this in mind makes playing a whole lot less painstaking.

Just because you are mad doesn’t mean you have to over exaggerate the results of something when you are the one doing something wrong. It is the equivalent to doing something over and over again to get it to work even though the results will be the same; try something different hint hint hint. No one is stopping you from practicing and getting a feel for how close you can cast the wall because that is what I did.


Im down for this. To the best of my knowledge having the behemoth use extra stamina to initiate a roll was to help cut down the spamability of the roll combo, quickly sucking up their stamina IF they used it. But now it just makes things like griff even more frustrating.


I just want them to make Behemoth viable against good teams. Things like this is why everyone chooses Kraken because other monsters cant compete. It does not matter how much health it has if it cant reach anyone before caira comes in with two healing grenades and get the hunter back to full health