Please allow us to skip the opening 2K, partners opening screens, it takes over 2 minutes to get back in to dropped game


I’ve experienced several game client crashes on occasion or just host disconnects, however my friends can usually invite me, this might be very useful so we can get faster back into the game that we were forced out of.

Instead of having to wait on a screen I’ve seen every boot.

Edit: I’ll make a note here and say I have an i7 and ssd so these aren’t load screen so much as forced waiting screens.


Agreed, don’t let the lessons of The Sword be ignored. (10 chars substitute)


totaly for it. when this wants to be an esport title, this has to change. those are precious se… minutes that are wasted. everyone knows its trs, and after the 100th time, i do not care tbh


can you actually rejoin via steam??


maybe? i think itll still push you through the screens though


Yes, please include a way to skip these in the options.


Game has finally launched, and the same old stuff is still happening, I got kicked from the game as the client decided to shut down with no error message no nothing.

After 3 minutes of sitting on title screens and logos, I was placed into an empty lobby by myself with no way to reclaim the effort I had just put into dominating a group of players.

Please fix and allow match rejoining. Every competetive esport such as league of legends and even heroes of the storm still in beta has this.


lol good one xD


I think in Watch_Dogs you could skip the minutes of partner screens by just deleting the files from the game assets. I’ll experiment a bit later to see if I can force skip these screens…


has anyone found a way to do this yet? having to sit through all of these every load gets old fast.

I notice an empty game.cfg in the instal\game folder and System.cfg in the install folder. The system.cfg does have a line sys_rendersplashscreen = 1 but setting it to 0 does not change anything.


Ok look, I cannot stress this enough turtle rock, I just played a full match, had your client just crash and forcequit the game with zero warning or error message. After desperately trying to get back in at a crucial defense point, I spawn in only to watch us lose the game. Then guess what? ALL OF THE WORK AND EXPERIENCE I’D JUST EARNED? NONE OF IT WAS CREDITED.

Not only can we not get quickly back in, we lose any experience we earned because this hasn’t been put in as high priority for a competitive game. I mentioned this back in alpha, I mentioned it in beta, and here we are on launch and the game is ‘gold.’ Come on, right on the heels of the slap in the face that is the store I’m getting more and more disillusioned. Step up your game please.


dont worry guys there will be a no intro fix soon like for every other game


Maybe their is a command line argument that disables intro movies/screens :question:

or is it no longer typical for a PC game to have such option; I mostly game on consoles.


Just relaunched the game to check, but you CAN skip all the Nvidia and such logos.

You can’t skip the animated TR logo (the footprint one) but the other ones CAN be skipped. The other partner static screen looks like a loading screen to me. Not 100% sure though.


Agreed. Not to mention the sequences are rather poorly implemented.

The nVidia splash animation is so blinding I often have to flail my mouse around just to find where my cursor is so I can move it to the small area that registers to bypass. If required to show, allow users to just click a button or press a key to get passed this.

Same issue with the intro movie. “Press a button to continue” is akin to a Flash Intro page that forces interaction and provides nothing more than a blockage of the content the user wants to get to.

With load times as bad as they are with the implemented lobby system, having to go through more waiting is a bit frustrating. But, then again, I’m a rather impatient person.


Agree with this. Why should I want to press a button? Can’t you just load the game instantly after I’ve watched the intro movie once? Titanfall was just as bad… so many lobbies and splash screens that thank god the community worked out how to disable.


Agree with this too! I can understand that you are proud of your game TRS, and you are right, it’s amazing! But we know it don’t worry, do not force us to see that intro except maybe at first launch if you want :wink:


Good news guys, someone worked it out.


Doesn’t work, still getting splash screens and some movies.


Hm I posted to say that. Guess it did’t stay. It doesn’t work how we need :confused: