Please allow us to play monster when in parties


There are a number of reasons why I feel it would be advantageous letting players in a group play monster.

  1. The matchmaking times can be really long when in a group of 4, and its rare to find a monster who is willing to play a number of games against a made team. Just let one of us play monster and have a bot hunter rather than making us wait!
  2. If there is a party of 2-3 and you are playing with a few randoms, allowing everyone to have a shot would keep the lobby together for longer and have a greater variety of games. Some people in the lobby only want to play as hunter and I’m happy playing monster every now and again but they are stuck having to play frequently. It is punitive to solo players who only want to play hunter.
  3. I really like playing monster but have to play solo to do this. If I want to play against a full team of humans its either playing custom or solo. I can’t play with a couple mates. It basically limits the monster player pool.

Thoughts? Obviously there would be the threat of boosting if people cared about the leaderboards. Most people would still do the competencies offline if they wanted to boost mastery


Im with you I love monster and would like to hear my friends screams when I trap them in the corner as a behemoth when I get evolve >:)


i think a with a new game mode they could pull it off. just for the fact that when players don’t want their team split up they can choose the original hunt mode. Then round robin the monster in the other mode.


Ill second this and raise you
It pisses me off when im playing hunter and wanted monster and yet the monster slot is empty. Why cant we just switch to monster from hunter with all randoms?


Agreed, monster should just be one of the 5 picks so you can swap about if you don’t want it. So many times Im playing with 1 or 2 other folk in a team and the others in the lobby say if they are monster again they are leaving…then we have a long wait. Just let me take it!


Also, I understand that people don’t want their team split up. I imagine it wouldn’t be hard to make it that only people with a monster preference of 1 are included in th round robin if they are in a team, or something similar