Please add this to the game. It's difficult to stay with friends


Let me make it clear that I love this game a lot, and I know its still been recently released so there’s still many changes coming.

So basically, I’ve had several issues where I have problems connecting with a full group of friends during the load in, (I have a blackscreen issue that requires me to restart the game) which leads to them going in with a bot. That’s fine and all, but someone else from matchmaking usually takes my spot before I can restart the game which takes like a minute or two.
It’d be nice to have at least maybe 3 minutes for someone to reconnect, especially when a squad is obviously a premade. I want to play with my friends, and having to sit a game out till they finish or for them to all leave to pick me or one of them up again and go through matching making again, again, etc. kind of ruins the flow.

TLTR: Add a 3 minute timer (or something) before someone can take a spot from another person if they fail to connect in the beginning of a game, as its very easy for premades to get separated currently.

Game is still delicious.
Thanks for readin’


Or for the Party Leader and ONLY the Leader to have a Kick-Vote option. So that way if it was a pre made team then it would stop your problem. Plus there aren’t leaders when playing with randoms so kick-voting wouldn’t be a problem like in L4D