Please add the ability to Kick Players


Can we PLEASE be able to kick players. And then be able to report them in game? I am so sick of these stupid people. I am sick of Trappers that will constantly trap you in a dome and then stand there like an idiot and get killed by the wildlife. Then both the Assault and Trapper run off and do their own thing like retards. You feel helpless sitting there, forced to team up with idiots who lose you the game, incapable of any option other than quitting.

Why can you not kick people?

Please change the main post to better reflect the suggestion being made otherwise it may be moved to the general rant thread.


I think a kick option would be abused. Heavily. And a bad idea, even if implemented perfectly.

People that don’t want to deal with unskilled players would kick them off the team and force them to restart or wait another thousand years for another game, assuming they don’t get tossed back into the same one and kicked repeatedly. That would be quite shitty.

Imagine being new and not being any good in quick play. You’re still learning, right? Suddenly, you are forced out of the match without explanation and if it happens multiple times, which isn’t out of the realm of possibility depending on who’s playing, you’d be so frustrated for repeatedly getting kicked for unknown reasons, and kept from playing and learning because you’re unskilled enough for people to want to play with you. That would make a ton of people put down the game.

Having this option would not benefit anyone except the people that don’t like to be patient for those they deem less skilled. And “benefit” here is subjective, because you’d be stuck with a bot that could be equally as crippling.

I think a “report” option would be cool, but would need to be done well so it’s not abused in a similar way.


There’s no kick option? I’d swear I’ve been kicked out of a game before. During one of the challenges a couple weeks ago, I suddenly lost connection after choosing Hank at the start of a game, and got a message saying “Use Sunny or GTFO, loser.”



Perhaps have a timer, like you have to wait five-ten minutes before kicking. And shouldn’t unskilled players be put with other unskilled players?


In Hunt 2.0, yes. That is based off of your skill rank, but Quickplay is just whoever is online.

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Sadly this would be abused a lot.


Lmk, can I just say Shred’s post was 4 hours ago? There’s no need to pour fuel on an unlit fire. IE, please don’t go looking for arguements :slight_smile:


I do think a kick option would be abused.

Maybe if the team had to vote to kick someone, and all three other players agreed, but otherwise I could see people kicking other players left and right, just for being new or something.


Even a vote kick could be abused. Say a group of hunters kick the monster player mid battle.


Eh, kicking Monsters shouldn’t be allowed.


Judging by the all around maturity level that people are showing in the forums reporting would be a bad idea.
Everyone would just end up falsely reporting each other only because people didn’t play how they would like to or up to their standarts.

I personally do not like the kick option either although I have sometimes wanted it so bad.
I like the lack of negativity in games and generally speaking.
I mean for example I like that Facebook only has a like function. If there is a dislike function added you will see how soon Facebook will turn into hatebook.
People we need to be kicked out usually get away on themselves.

I would rather love them to make a ‘‘Do not log me in on this game again’’ option for whenever I leave a match intentionally either before or during it. This creates the same effect of avoiding certain people you do not like their playstyle or whatever without having that negative ‘‘gloom’’ of kicking each other out of games.

This is a small playing community btw, if we don’t mingle and play with each other the newer members will never get better. You wouldn’t like being kicked by older/more experienced players either would you?


The only people I really want kicked from my games are people who are AFK from start to finish in a 10-15 minute long game…

Seriously… how are those people able to stay in that long?

As a side bonus the AI doesn’t even take over for them!


Honestly though? How come so often I see a thread lost into the hundreds of “rants”? How are people ever going to get help with their singular problems if they can’t even keep a thread to themselves?

Yes, this guy could’ve very much worded this all differently and it looks very crude, but everytime someone wants to just complain and is looking for some help, they get lost into another thread. It’s really quite sad to watch so many peoples suggestions and other complaints go to waste, as a lot people will pass them up then if they were a stand alone thread.


Been wanting this change for so long, was about to make a thread myself, but hopefully this gets more recognized. Maybe try not to sound so rude about your experiences though?


While I agree with you, that this thread won’t be moved to the rant thread because it’s actually a suggestion, the guy did respond to a post that was 4 hours before he responded, which was pretty much both unecessary and offtopic.

That being said, if we’d have considered this a rant we would’ve moved it by now. :stuck_out_tongue:


Not gonna happen. I had 2 topics on my own and most of the reasons I had in there are in here too.


I just wished he would’ve worded it differently. Then it wouldn’t be on the edge between the two.


I think someone needs to have a fledged out experience that really bummed them out to be put out there, for anyone to understand why it would be a nice touch for quick play. I really just wish people would play the tutorials and a solo game or two or get some friends, before sticking the game in having no clue of the mechanics or the characters.