Please add split screen co-op!


I read somewhere that split screen co-op won’t be an option in Evolve. Is this true? Can anyone from Turtle Rock confirm that?

If it is true that makes me so disappointed! My husband and I love playing split screen co-op games together (Left 4 Dead being one of our favorites) and it also gives us the chance to play together with our friends and family that live across the country. It just makes games so much more enjoyable with the split screen option.

I guess with this type of game you’d have to restrict the split screen to two hunter players only (since having one player be the monster and the other be a hunter would be kind of cheating if you can see where the other player is) but isn’t this totally do-able!?

Future option of split screen on PC

i believe its not an option in evolve many people have been asking for this.


I am just amazed why recently almost no devs care about such thing as split screen gaming - especially if theyre making a coop only game - the split screen should be a no-brainer.

I find the explanations using the graphics as a reason to be just silly - you can lower level of details, resolution etc. In local multiplayer gaming graphical fidelity doesn’t matter as much as in single player.


This is absolutely ridiculous. I was so excited about this game until i heard that. I understand the gaming industry is trying to make the internet portions of games more required, but i fear one day we will lose single player game completely. My roommate said he’s even bummed because i got him all excited for it and now we won’t even get to play. What about two siblings who want to play a quick round after school?


To those of you complaining, the graphics do actually affect the gameplay. I’m usually not one to say that (Mario is a classic). The graphics are needed to help a( hide the monster, b( make sure the monster has the resources to evolve. Ever played a 1st person shooter where you can see a character’s outline even though he is in a bush? That’s an issue they are trying to avoid I’m sure. That was one thing I couldn’t stand in most shooters but it looks like they did a good job with here. While I would enjoy split screen, I’d rather be able to have a more realistic situation


I think we need a devs to step in this topic and explain why they cant have split screen in Evolve.
i have heared the reason was something with to high performance and have the same detail on both screens in split screen.
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I can answer this lol, I’ve seen it in an interview with someone from Turtle Rock. Basically, if there are two screens the game has to render twice as much, and this means there’d be less foliage. This obviously is a problem because then monsters can’t hide properly. If you were playing split screen as two hunters, the monster would be spotted in a bush easier since there is less of it, giving your team an unfair advantage.

It’s in this interview at 5:33 if any of you are interested


I really hope they add this!! Split screen is what made left 4 dead so great! I’m so sick of companies forgetting about us who don’t want to sit alone in a dark room playing online games! I thoroughly enjoy having a few friends over and playing on the same couch! It causes chaos and wicked fun!! If they leave out the split screen in this game its a deal breaker for me.


I am seriously bummed about this. This was the first game in a long time that I’ve been excited about and the first game to tempt me into getting one of the new gen consoles just to play it. But having no split screen co-op option is also a deal breaker for me. I’m sorry to say I wont be buying it unless there’s split screen co-op.

Come on Turtle Rock! You can do it!


In all honesty, I’d rather sony and xbox just launch cross platform gaming. It seems the age of split screen is dying due to the internet and graphics anyways


That’s kind of ridiculous saying you aren’t going to play because of the fact there won’t be split-screen. You’d be missing out


The next-gen consoles are not strong enough to run Evolve on split-screen simpy because the game use allot of CPU and GPU, so if they manage to add split-screen, they must have less this less that otherwise you will get 5-15 FPS and that is low, you will be lagging ALLOT!!

  • it takes allot of processor power to render the game 2x times on split-screen, and lower the graphics is not an options.

But you can play the game offline with bots.

  • you with 3 other Bots (Hunters) against 1 Bot that are the Monster

  • You can play as the monster against 4 bots

I’m not sure if you can add more then 4 Bots in the game.


She explained why she wanted split screen in the original post, so she could play with her husband.


Ah right, never saw that. Still though, it is a shame to say you wouldn’t buy a game that looks as good as this just because there isn’t split-screen


That´s the problem with this next gen, they are way better than the old gen but still not quite up-to-date. I´m a PC player all the way and therefore can´t quite understand the demand for split-screen :wink:

But if I really was a console player I for my self would gladly take the better visuals instead of the split-screen.


The desire for split screen is just so you can play in the same room as someone else without the need for two systems, tvs, games ect


Yeah, I know why the console-players want split-screen, but IMHO the better visuals and the probably higher fps are clearly outweighing split-screen.


Split-screen is definitely fun, but if it means lowering the quality or removing a fundamental part of the game, I’d rather just not have it. I’d prefer to have my own screen as well, since the half sized screens are kinda awkward to play on


Agreed, I prefer my own screen as well. I can’t stand the horizontal split either, never understood why they dropped the vertical split


Well this isn’t meant to be a singleplayer game and this is on the CryEngine 3, it would have to render two screens for a fairly niche audience, one that doesn’t even exist on one of their major platforms.

I understand the love for splitscreen, but times have moved past it. It’s pretty rare for any game to have it any more.